lost but never found

September 22, 2010
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People intend life to be long I intend life to be short. The clock is ticking away my life but once the sunset rises its over forever. The faces of angles heed my heart. I was only 12 years old when I was given the first sign. I used to believe I didn’t have a chance at all. People die all the time but I die everyday. My heart withers and chips away every moment of the day. I have been stolen, used, hurt, and many other things but I have never been chosen until today. My story has never been told like this secrets unfold and stories that have never been told come out today. My destiny is in the hands of someone I cant trust. Myself.

My name is simple Izzy Miller I am different then my California class mates they are all tanned from the sun and some have dark eyes and others have hazel. I have light green eyes with believe it or not light lavender my mother used to say that only special people had my eyes but everyone would stare at me. My skin is milky pale and smooth I’m pretty short I’m 16 and I’m only 5”2, my hair is brown with a little natural blonde highlights and long it’s past my chest plus its straight with a little wave to it. My face is round with high cheekbones to match. I remember years ago when I would look across the beach horizon watching the sunset fade into the night. After my mom died from a mysterious death. I changed after her death. My dad had fled before my mother died she had an affair so my dad left and I don’t know where he went. I was put into foster care at age 9. My foster parents Beth and john lived in the suburbs of Oregon. I spend lots of time outside in the night the cool air ceases me and puts me into a deep trance its almost peaceful yet scary. The one thing I loved most was my yard it was filled with forest it had to be miles and miles deep with forest surrounding my house. Back there was a huge rock and I had found it one day and ever since then I sat on it for hours. I had a container filled with stuff of my mom like pictures and letters she had written me when she was in England. On one of the letters had writing that I could barley make but I know it said something like “ open when you are 16” that’s all I could make out on it . That rock was my best friend I cried on that rock I slept on it I played on it. It became sacred to me. Beth started to worry about me she thought I was going crazy. I had no friends and I never spoke. I never said a word when I was little. I had simply nothing to say. So she started taking me to a Childs therapist. I still remember Dr.Roth he tried everything he could but I never said anything. On the last night of therapy it was my 12th birthday so John and Beth took me out afterwards for ice cream. When we came home there were bright red and orange flames coming from my house. It was to impossible to believe my whole house was on fire. Then it donned on me what if the area near the rock was on fire. All my stuff would be burned! My eyes filled with water from sadness and frustration leaving as an result my green eyes grew foggy. I screamed and darted towards the forest , Beth screamed my name and I could sense her running after me and I picked up the pace running, the firefights tried to stop me but my adrenaline rush was pulsing so there strength was no use. Fire flickered past me as I ran to the rock. Smoke endured into my lungs. My breathing became uneven and when I got to the rock it almost completely stopped. I searched the rock there was nothing there was only a locket that I’ve never seen before and a letter but everything was gone but I remember there was no ashes on the rock so they weren’t burnt they were stolen. The letter that my mom scripted “open it when your 16” it was gone and replaced with another strange letter it read “ I have been watching you”. Confusion wrapped around me and crushed me. The world spun and darkness enclosed me and I couldn’t move anymore and the last thing I heard was the soft voice of a woman and her velvet voice whispered to me “ You are destined for greatness Isabel clarity Miller’. Then everything and everyone stopped.

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fictionlover_o6 said...
Sept. 26, 2010 at 11:38 pm

this is sooo good! write more pls! I wonder who wrote the other letter.. write please please???


Amanda24 replied...
Sept. 27, 2010 at 4:42 pm
thx u!!!!!!!! i'm thinking about writing a book but i'm not quite sure!!!
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