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September 5, 2010
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She lies asleep in a king bed.
It is covered in white sheets and blankets. The feeling of sweet smelling cloth tiptoes across her bare, baby smooth skin. A slight breeze of wishes and mystery creeps through her white curtains hanging upon the balcony doors. The soft air whispers in her ears words of peaceful beauty. Her serenity kisses her neck gently. Her heart beats slow and steady with a hint of creativity. Her breaths flow from her soul to the outside world like her heart slipped from her hands to his. Her closed eyes send shivers down loves spine. Her beauty is full of perfection and simplicity. She seems untouched and sacred to earth’s slow turning. She is magnificent, gracious, spontaneous and realistic.

He thinks all of this as he sits beside her. He watches her body expand only to shrink back down, much like his hope that she loves him as much as he loves her. He fights his urge to kiss her angelic expression as she dreams like sleeping beauty. He watches her, he watches her as a guardian, as a silver knight under the hazy moonlight. He gallops to her chamber on a black horse, which grasps the speed of light. He knocks enemies unconscious, he threatens his life as he slays the dragon heroically. He is a knight completely worthy of such a gorgeous sleeping beauty. He turns the key and the door disappears, its mystery beholds her, resting in a bed, rose in hand. He glides across the room as butterflies turn to birds in his stomach. Fireworks explode in his heart. He bends down keeping his eyes on her daisy petal lips. His lips brush against hers just enough to be considered a kiss. Her eyes open and a smile drifts across her face. He carries her home on the back of his horse and when they get home they vow to stay forever together. Forever to love one another, forever to show and speak it, forever to risk all their emotions for one another. Forever too-

A whimper brings him back to reality where his angel lays. He looks over to her sleeping body, she’s shaking. A hurt look smashes her china doll beauty against Hell. Tears roll down her rosy cheeks, she cry’s harder and harder. She begins to toss and turn and punch her pillow violently. She screams a bitter, murderous, heart-shattering scream that echo’s through out the house. He raps his arms around her, she kicks and hits harder at the pressure of his body. He looks at her helpless attempt to awaken from her frightening slumber. She sends a punch to the pit of his stomach but instead of letting go in pain he tightens his grip on her as he winces at his pain. She squirms trying to escape his grasp, she sobbs, and waterfalls seem to form on her cheeks. Her tears wet footprints washing away one another until there’s one big hole.

He lay’s their trying to stroke her soft, light brown hair. He rocks back and forth trying to comfort her distress and agony. He forgets about his pride, he forgets his shining armor and black horse, he forgets her beauty, her rose in her hand, he forgets his vows, he forgets it all. He remembers his soul’s love and lust for hers, he remembers the day she let her heart slip into his possession, he remembers the second he saw her and thought I love her.

After she awoke and found herself safe in his cradling arms she kissed him like hope kisses god and said, “ I dreamed you didn’t love me.” A sad, sorry, attempt of a smile quivered on her lips.

He softened his gaze and smiled back. “I will always love you, I will love you forever, like they do in fairytales that no one believes in. I will love you like the prince loves his sleeping beauty.”

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summerdreamer This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 5:33 pm
any advice?
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