If my Heart could Burst chapt.8

September 4, 2010
"Ryan...Where's the bathroom?"

"There's one right here... He said pointing to a door in his room."
"Thanks." I said still in my barely audible tone.
I walked towards the door and when I got inside, closed it. I sat behind the door, back against it and took out my phone. It was midnight. I texted Dylan. "I'm soooo sorry." I got a reply the next minute.
"For what?"
"2 reasons. :-/"
"And those are?"
"1. I didn't call you..."
"Ohh that's okay I’m just glad I’m hearing from you now... I got worried."
"Sorry. And 2...You're gonna be mad."
"Nothing can ever make me mad at you, gorgeous"
"But this will...I know it."
"Well, what is it?
"I kissed...Ryan."
"I’m sorry. He kissed me and right now I’m actually in his house because I bumped into a pole and became unconscious. When I woke up we talked and we kissed. Do you forgive me?”
"Forgive you? You...cheated on me?"
"No! It was nothing I swear!"
"How do I know you're telling the truth?"
"Because I would've never told you any of this in the first place if I didn't love u and care about u. I was a complete idiot."
"Don't call yourself an idiot..."
"But I deserve to be called one."
"Nicole are you okay?" Ryan called from the other side.
"Yeah, I'm fine. One minute." I called out.
"No you don't...I forgive you." Dylan’s text read.
"Thanks I love you. Can I come over?"
"Yeah, I'll be waiting outside."
"Kk, see u soon"
I fixed my hair in the mirror before opening the door.
"I gotta go." I said walking out the door and downstairs.
"Wait what? Already?"
"Yeah, I'll see you at school."
"Okay...Bye." I walked out the door. My mom must be freaked out. I decided to text her. "Hey mom. I'm okay; I'm staying at a friend's. I'll be home tomorrow. Don't tell dad, I don't want to see him, or Margaret."
I walked a block when I got a text, Dylan. "You can't come over after all..."
"Why not?"
"Because why?" What was he talking about why couldn't I come over?
"Just because."
"Whatever." Why was he acting like this? Where would I go now? I looked at my DC's. I started walking back towards Ryan's house when I got a text from my mom. "Thank god you're okay. I've been worried sick about you. I won’t tell your father or Margaret and I want you to be home tomorrow right after school."
I replied."Okay mom."
I was at his front steps and I rang the bell.
"Surprise, surprise." He said while opening the door.
"Yeah, I'm back." I smiled. He moved so I could walk in. "Can I sleep the night?"
"Sure, but why?"
"Because my parents are in a divorce and they want me to pick a side. And I can't go with my boyfriend cause he said I couldn’t...I don't know why." I said realizing I was about to cry. "Don't worry. You're boyfriend sounds like a jerk, no offense. Who is he anyway?"
"It's Dylan."
"But I thought you said you were just friends."
"We were at that time and when I bumped into you earlier, that was the friend I was going to meet up with, and he kind of...saved me. That's when I met Jill again."
"Saved you?"
"Yeah... I really don't want to talk about it though."
"Oh okay...Are you going to wear that to sleep?"
"I guess...I mean I have nothing else."
"I'll give you one of my shirts" he offered.
"Okay, so where am I going to sleep? With you?"
"Do you want to?"
"Sure, unless you try to do something."
"I won't" He smirked as he said that...Boys. We walked upstairs to his room and he tossed me a shirt. I walked into the bathroom and switched my red shirt with the jersey he gave me to wear. It felt soft, and smelled like Ryan. Like axe.
I walked back into the room to see that he had his shirt off and in his boxers.
"Sorry." I said. I couldn't help but stare at his 6-pack. He was a God.
"It's fine." He said as he put basketball shorts on.
"You mind if I sleep shirtless?" He asked me.
"Uhh, no I don't really care." I said sitting on the bed. He looked hot shirtless.
He laughed."Okay then" He said and sat next to me. He stared into my eyes.
"You know, you look really beautiful." He said.
"Thanks Ryan." I smiled.
"I love your laugh." He said. What was going on?
"Uhh thanks." I giggled."So are we going to sleep or what?"
"Yeah. I usually wake up at 6:30 that okay with you?"
"Yeah, I wake up at that time normally too."
I laid down in his bed. Ryan's bed. His shirt. His stuff. He turned on his alarm and turned the lights off. He crawled into bed next to me. I felt like he was hesitating to do something. But I didn't push it. "Night'" I said to him. "Night'" He replied. Even though we were in the dark I could feel both of us blushing and smiling.

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SnoWolf said...
Mar. 20, 2011 at 10:49 pm
best story on this whole site!!! PLEASE write more!!!!
awriterslife said...
Dec. 3, 2010 at 2:25 am
some ideas would be: 1. maybe ryan does 'some things' to nicole when she's asleep and she finds out so she leaves to go live with her dad because she wants to get away. 2. dylan somehow walks into ryans room and finds nicole there and leaves her for good, shes mad at ryan and in the end she's all alone. 3. nicole and ryan start to hit it off, dylan didnt let her over because he has a new girlfriend but nicole doesn't care, ryan and her are perfect for eachother. hope they help atleast ... (more »)
xxjasmineibxx replied...
Dec. 3, 2010 at 8:37 pm
OMG I love your ideas!!! I'm not extremely positive if I'm going to be writing more. I'm kinda saving my writing for my school essays... Yeah I know, homework, homework, homework D: Anyway, I can see if I can get some writing done this weekend. Maybe one of your ideas will show up. :) Thanks a lot!
awriterslife said...
Dec. 3, 2010 at 2:22 am
please, please, PLEASE tell me you're writing more!!?!? its an amazing story and i want to know what happens, ahh! lol
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