Moments in Time

August 25, 2010
By Alli_Rose BRONZE, Stockton, California
Alli_Rose BRONZE, Stockton, California
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“Moments in Time”
The air was hot and sticky. Sweat dripped from her pores. She had been waiting for this day since the summer season had started; she and her friend, Karin, had been in line for hours. Caught in her thoughts of what the concert would be like, what sets would they play? She has been wondering for months how this show would turn out to be. Her thoughts had left her in a trance, leaving reality and slipping into her world of imagination.

“Declynn,” Said Karin. The sound of her friend’s voice startled her. It sounded like the friction of a slap. Declynn was so lost into a pool of her thoughts.

“Yeah,” She gave a disoriented reply.
“What’s up with you?” Karin asked. She smacked Dec’s arm.
“Sorry, spaced out for a sec.” Declynn said apologetically.
“Well, snap out of it. It’s time to go in” Karin pushed her forward.

The crowd began to pour into the club. There was excitement in the air. Auras of perfumes and glisten filled the room. As soon as they were inside they saw the stage being set up. Karin was jumping with angst, impatient and ready for the show to start. She wore a shiny emerald green blouse with a print of a medieval cross on it. The filtered light made the color exuberant. The heavy black eyeliner made her piercing ice blue eyes pop. She flipped out the ends of her hair, making it look like sporadic strips of black silk. Her height made her look like a life size doll. Her dazzling smile gleamed. The expression on her face gave her away.

The equipment manager was doing a sound check. Declynn smoothed out her white t-shirt with the band’s logo in red. Made sure every piece of her appearance was in place. She took out a small mirror and her lip stick, and stained her lips a cherry red color. She fluffed her soft strawberry blond curls. The combination of her red lips and the charcoal gray eye make-up around her almond aqua green eyes made her porcelain skin stand out. She readjusted her silver studded belt that lay over her knee length black skirt. The skirt complimented the curvature in her hips. Declynn knelt down to tamper with her plain Mary Jane style shoes.

The time had finally come, the band began to play. They started out with a heavier song to get the crowd amped up. Karin jumps up and down going overboard with her enthusiasm. Declynn sets her body to the rhythm of the drums, releasing any and all tensions. Letting them fill her ears with precision.

“Born in flesh
Sacred love child
Awaiting remorse
Shed through the layers
Of life
Called among as equal
Damned invalid
Break the barriers
Of cold granite stone
Walk the thin line
Between real and imaginary”

Karin goes off up toward the front of the stage. Declynn hangs back by the wall. Never wants to be the center of attention. A good reason why she stays friends with Karin, they balance each other out. There were times when Dec didn’t understand why they fit together. She often felt like a piece of a puzzle that never fit with another, but for some reason Karin stuck around. She wasn’t going to complain. Making friends wasn’t an easy thing for her. She was more mature and had more in depth thoughts than most people her age. She refused to sit around a listen to subjects she didn’t want to hear. Therefore she never retained many friends.

The set changes up to a ballad, one of her favorites too. She loses herself into the lyrics. The subtle sound of the singer’s voice fills her ears. The band vocalist’s lyrics had always struck her to her core. She felt comfort in his words and a sense of belonging in the meaning.

“I find the truth in your lies
Salvation in your soul
Beautiful recollections of what could be

I want to make you whole
Wash away the hurt
Resurrect what’s been lost
Oh trust in me
Heart full of promises kept”

Just then, she looked up at him. She stole a glance of his beautiful serene face. She could see his topaz eyes shine from the distance. Mesmerizing green flecks sparkled around the rims of his eyes. The florescent light made his thick golden hair look like brilliant yellow rays of sunshine. His light creamy olive tone skin seemed translucent. The length of his shirt brought out his tall lanky yet muscular body. The contrast of his dingy blue and gray flannel brought out his soft features even more. The rips in his faded black jeans gave him the edge he needed in his appearance.

During the middle of the song, Declynn gets this strange feeling. As if someone was watching her closely. Trying to pry into her mind, and read thoughts that were forbidden. Chills ran down her spine. She did not like the feeling of someone caressing a gaze at her; she always preferred to go unnoticed. Something in her conscience made her feel as though she should be aware of her surroundings. She began to feel on guard. She loathed feeling vulnerable. It was never a practiced quality of hers; vulnerability didn’t set well with her.

She quickly erased those thoughts from her head. Trying to ignore her suspicions she looks back up to the stage. She makes herself get familiar with the song. She sets her heart’s rhythm to the strum of the guitar strings. The music floods her ears with pleasure. The skeptical sensation still hung over her head. She can’t shake it.

Suddenly the lights flicker into a disarray of colors. It startles her. She was doing well with melting away her fears, and letting the music control her emotion. She can’t help it, the fright overwhelms her. She scans the room over and over. So far, there is nothing out of the ordinary that she can see. She focuses her eyes to find Karin. It’s hard to find her after all she’s a human doll, but she spots her at the front of the stage. It appears that she is talking to some guy. Declynn hopes she doesn’t leave with him. She has a tendency to ditch her for someone cute.

Oh well, she figures, nothing new there. Sometimes she wondered why she bothered being friends with Karin. In the end she knew without her she wouldn’t have any. Right now, that was the least of her worries. She examines the room one more time and tries to convince herself that she is paranoid. Once again, she sets her heart to the rhythm of the music, closes her eyes, and forgets her surroundings. This time it wasn’t so hard.

“Sweet little angel selling her soul
What’s the price for love and security?
Where’s the affection, lost in adrenaline
The purity washed away
Let the sins seep like flooded crimson

Where has the innocence gone?
They’re only children
They’re poisoning their veins, selling their bodies
Is there anything forsaken?
This is the future generation”

She recognizes the song quit well; she’s been listening to this band since their first album. The lyrics reminded her of her own writing. It was nothing that she would let another soul see, but it was important to her. The feeling of creating was so hypnotizing to her. She loved the way the words formed in unison, almost like they were meant to be together. She never showed anybody; she felt no one would ever understand. Until the day she heard the lyrics of the band’s first single. Every since then she wanted to meet this beautiful writer. She felt connected to him in some unexplainable way.

Disappointment consumed her when she opened her eyes to see that the concert has ended. People began to flee from the building. She stays planted, leaning against the wall. She’s not ready to leave yet. The intensity of the music still floods her mind. From a distance, Declynn heard the glitzy girls as they asked for signatures on their well preserved photographs. Some try really hard to leave with one of the band members. Silly girls, they don’t have an ounce of passion that they carried in their music. She smiled to herself.

Suddenly, in the midst of all the childish antics, every one became silent. Declynn can feel another body, warm and alive, standing right in front of her. She opens her eyes to see a figure so breath taking, so beautiful. It was the vocalist, the lyricist that spoke to her heart.

“Hey I’m Adam. I noticed you from the stage.” He has a confident smile.

“I know who you are. Oh, and ah what a line.” She adds a humorous edge.

“Way to crush a man’s ego.” His head swings down.

“Sorry, I’m Declynn, Declynn Bleu.” She replies with a comical smile.

“That’s a pretty name, original really.”

“I think that was the point.” She wiped the long curls from her face.

“Hmmm. Interesting.” His expression was sly.

“What’s so interesting?” She’s curious.

“You” He had a look between being sincere and dangerous.

Declynn started to blush. No one had taken such an interest before, nor have they ever looked so closely. Her mind began to race. She didn’t know what to say next. Conversation had never flowed easily from her lips before. Let alone with someone she barely knew. For the first time in too long she felt herself quiver. The nervousness felt good, she felt alive. In the back of her mind it nagged at her that this boy, Adam, was the one trying to pry into her mind.

“Come on” He nudged her.

“Where are we going?” Declynn bites her lip.

“You’ll find out.” He said giving a playful daring tone.

Adam pulled Declynn by the arm. She walks fast to keep up with his pace. Her heart pounded with excitement. She loved these emotions that flowed through her veins. In these three minutes with Adam, he had awakened her soul. They reached the stage. Adam picked up his guitar and began to play.

“Sing with me” He pleaded.

“What? No way!” She said bashfully.

”Please” His voice so soft and smooth.

“Ok, what are we singing?” She couldn’t resist.

”Sing what comes to your mind. You have a thing for words, I can tell.” He had a look pleasure upon his countenance.

She just checked her phone, realizing she forgot all about Karin. Oh well, she almost said aloud. Karin left with someone earlier during the show. Nothing new, she didn’t know why she cared or why she was thought about Karin. There was an amazing guy playing his guitar, wanting to be with her at the moment.

Before she knew it, they were singing for a while. Making music a creating a song. For the first time she felt like she belonged. They were lost in their words, full of imagination and hope. In just a few moments, Adam had brought the true Declynn to the surface. Something no one has ever been able to do. He succeeded; he was able to get deep inside her mind with a few words and guitar strums.

“I’m sick of the silence
I can’t take it anymore
Scream to the top of my lungs
Let the adrenaline spread”

Together they played a game of words. They tipped off their tongues. Creating, something they were born to do. Together they let each other’s persona shine. There were streams of light in their eyes. Hope for tomorrow. Dreams for today... Together they created. Together they were bound in just a few moments in time.

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