August 21, 2010
By katiebeth___ SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
katiebeth___ SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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Que sera, sera.:)

I’m scared to love you. I’m scared you won’t be true. I’m scared you’ll betray me, I’m scared you’ll see right through me. I’m scared you’ll hold my hand, and my palms will sweat and you’ll be grossed out. I’m scared you’ll see my fat and scream and run the other way. I’m scared you’ll hold me close, and I’ll fall completely in love with you, and then you’ll let me go. I’m scared you’ll realize how clingy and dumb I can be, and leave. I’m scared you’ll fall asleep with some other girl. I’m scared you’ll realize how many times I’ve made the wrong mistakes and realize you’re so much better. I’m scared you won’t think I write pretty enough.

I’m scared you won’t see how my eyes sparkle just a little brighter when I talk about you.
I’m scared you won’t see how everyone knows I’m in love.
I’m scared you won’t see how lost I would be without you.
And mostly? I’m scared you don’t feel the same way I do. Which is, you are my soul mate, something I never thought I’d find. You’ve made me fall in love again, but it feels like the first time in my whole life.

The author's comments:
hmm.. the way i feel about a certain someone.:))

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