I Love You, You Are My Best Friend

August 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Image loving someone. Loving them until your heart threatened to snap into pieces across the room. Not at first sight, but when you have known that person for years. From before birth.

Image that person sharing the same locker with you, handing you notes about boys in the room and always hugging you. Telling you how much they 'love' you.

She was perfect. Her lips were a bit too small, her chest not full enough for some people and her hair cut by herself. Her eyes green that could flash coldly at some, but hold so much warmth, so much love for others. Her hair as she laid on the warm summer grass and laughed, that perfect blond.

There were no flaws.
Even her not loving me back.

She would date boys, she would be dumped and I would mend her back together as only friends can.

I think she knew that I loved her.

She was just making it easy on me. Trying to set up dates with boys, sometimes girls, to show me that there were other people. That she wasn't the one.

That I wasn't the one for her.

And I can live with that forever.

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