July 26, 2010
By Aimee Mcclister BRONZE, Columbia, Kentucky
Aimee Mcclister BRONZE, Columbia, Kentucky
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night falls calling me into this place of shadows and haunted heart beats slowing as you touch my hand.the moon light shines upon his face, I take a deep breath relieving the pressure held inside. my craving for him is now overwhelming I move closer to him. gently touching my lips to his neck. my love you'll never know how hard it is to be in your prescence. every inch of my body thirsts for the blood pulsing through your veins. each kiss is torture,but darling how beautiful it is. His stare holds me, freezes me in the mist of the night. I'de die to know what he was thinking. silence breaks. he speaks. I'm caught in your beauty, you can posess me. I reply as the wind whistles through the hollow tree's. but i dont need you to be another one of my posessions. I smile. the glowing stars catching my attention.I take a quick look at the tree behind us. twisting into the cloudy sky. he whispers he loves me it seems as if his words was carried away by the soft blowing winds.

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