Princess Autumn

August 1, 2010
By , Lebanon, TN
Once upon a time...... there was a little peasant faimly that lived on the edge of a kingdom named Carinthia. They lived in a little wooden shack. The father worked in the garden all day and the mother worked in the bakery serving people. They had a daughter who was about to turn 19. Her name was Autumn. People didn't think she was very pretty, but she had the most beautiful heart. She was very kind. She believed in love but she was most afraid no one would ever fall in love with her. She worked hard as a servant in one of the town's inns. The boys never gave her a second glance but she still smiled and was kind. One day while coming home from working at the inn,the streets were really busy and she was accidently pushed into an old beggar woman. the old beggar woman dropped her flowers she was holding into the mud. Autumn apologized several times and helped her pick up her flowers. As she was apologizing she realized that the old lady she had bumped into was actually the evil town witch. No matter how many times she apologized the witch was still very angry and set a curse on Autumn. She said "you must leave your family, and this village! you must find true love before the year is up or you will die and everyone will forget you ever exsisted!" the evil witch thought it would be impossible for a girl like this to find true love! Poor Autumn ran out of town and into the woods and started to cry, for she knew that no one would ever fall in love with her in 6 months. She decided her best luck was to go work as a servant in the castle, because there were lots of people working there. She didn't even go home because she feared what the witch would do if she found out she went home. She started work at the castle at the next day. She was dissapointed to see that no one noticed her, but she didn't give up hope. At first she didnt even expect to see the prince, but after a few weeks she met him. He was very handsome. He had black hair and blue eyes, and he had a laugh that made her heart stop and a smile that made time freeze. His name was Prince Gabriel She met him one night while serving the royal family their dinner. The king and queen only had one son, and Autumn knew that the son must marry a princess, but with each passing week she started falling more and more in love with Prince Gabriel. She knew Prince Gabriel didn't even know her name, but one day she accidently bumped into him in the hallway. In stead of being mad and yelling at her, he was kind and said it was ok. They started talking and realized they had alot in common, they became good friends fast. but Autumn was running out of time she only had 2 months left. they met every night in the garden and walked and talked and had fun. Autumn started to believe that Prince Gabriel was falling in love with her but then the Princess came. She was Princess Ashley of the neighboring country. Princess Ashley and the Prince started hanging out alot, he and autumn stop meeting. And one day Prince Gabriel told Autumn that they shouldn't meet anymore. It broke Autumn's heart, she only had 3 weeks left. and what broke her heart even more was the priness was mean and cruel. 2 weeks passed and on the beginning of the third week Autumn got very sick. Her friends she had made while at the castle worried about her and made her stay in bed. Autumn knew she was going to die, and to make it worse she was going to die of a broken heart. On the last day of the 6 months Autumn told her best friend she had made at the castle to tell Prince Gabriel that she said goodbye. Her best friend went and told the prince. Prince Gabriel was shocked, for he had loved Autumn but his duty to the kingdom was to marry the mean Princess Ashley. He went to the Princess and told her he did not love her and broke up her immeaditialy. He then ran down to the servants rooms, and went to see Autumn. She was dying and told Prince Gabriel she loved him and closed her eyes. Prince Gabriel thought she was dead and stayed b her side and cried. right before he left he whispered into her ear that he loved her and kissed her on the lips. Then the most miraculous thing happened she opened her eyes and kissed him back. They got married the very next day, and the King and Queen, and Autumn's parents were all there. Prince Gabriel and Princess Autumn said I DO. and they lived happily ever after.


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Mooky.Capulet said...
Aug. 19, 2010 at 12:17 pm
Its the very obvious story, at the beginning i hoped it would be different then what i was expecting, but it wasnt. Either way it was nice :]
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