A loves doom

August 2, 2010
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I could feel his breath hot against my cheek, it made my skin ripple with heat. As if tiny fireworks were lit all over me. It made me tingle with delight and cherish every moment as if it was my last. I looked into his eyes, his rich, deep green eyes. His mouth was upturned into a wiry smile, playful yet modest. I smiled back, mine less modest. His lips pressed against mine and a loving jolt swept through my body like a lovely ocean tide. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his chest, I was melting into him, and him into me.

I could feel his heart beat against mine and my breath caught in my throat as our tongues laced together in a romantic waltz. We broke from out kissing and I looked once more into his eyes, inhaling his scent once more, and then the walls collapsed. The bright light of the room dimmed once more to the reality I as doomed to.

I looked around, alone in my bed and in my room. Alone. Scornfully alone and at once I remembered why I was alone. Why I was sent to this final life of despair. As I slowly regained my memories, a tear trickled down my cheeks and then at once more rolled down my cheeks, heavy and hot against my skin. My stomach heaved and sighed, my breath caught in my throat, and silent screams waiting to escape. This was my torture, my karma with out him. For I was his and he was mine, but now we no longer each others. He is in the ground and what of me? I am cursed to live a life with out my love.

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