If only i had wings (part3)

August 8, 2010
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love is confusing..

The next day I went to the library just as the nurse had said it was on the secondth floor, piles of books of compilation of newspapers were set on one corner, then I saw some computers and I logged in. Then typed the date pressed search and voila! ... There was so many of them. One, caught my attention it seemed to talk about a young prince’s death … my heart throbbed, why? Maybe I was sorry? Poor him, he was still young… but for a minute there I felt a little sigh of relief? Is my conscious going bad? I said to myself. I scanned further… at last I found it, the names. There was a list… each distinguished into two… survivors and deaths. Of course the first one I’d checked is the ‘survivors’ list’… I found my name, my mom’s, and his mom’s and dad’s but no sign of his…until I finished to the very last name in the list. I checked again and again and again… his name was nowhere to be found.

And it hit me… there was no way he could’ve … something must have gone wrong, maybe they forgot to put his name in…but I had no choice. My heart pounded aloud that would’ve made me deaf. My palms were sweating, I was nervous. Inside me, my tears were getting ready to fall and my heart waiting to break into crumble. I closed my eyes tightly shut for a moment and opened it… I let my trembling hands get the mouse and scrolled down I looked at each passing name with my heart pounding faster and faster…

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