Two Hearts: chapter 2- The Mall

July 25, 2010
Matt has been on her mind since Melanie brought it up earlier. She now noticed him for the first time and her thought wandered...

"He is really cute. His deep brown eyes sparkle when the light hits them and his brown shoulder-length hair is angled perfectly for his flawless face. His smile is to die for and his teeth shine enough to light up a room, sending butterflies to my stomach. He has the perfect 6-pack yet he is the sweetest and kindest guy ever." She thought a loud.

Her friends were still a while off so they couldn't hear, but they could see her bright red cheeks from where her thoughts took her.

"Um... Hey guys." She said directing her gaze away from Matt.

"Hey." They replied.

"Why are your cheeks bright red?” asked Mel as she hinted towards Matt.

"No reason." She looked at Matt and gave a shy smile, clearly uncomfortable around him after her thoughts wandered off.

He gave her a quick smile back too while Mel shoved Amanda her frappichino.

"So guys," Amanda asked while taking a sip, "What were you talking about?"

"We were actually deciding on a movie to see. We wanted to see Zombie land." Said Steph.

"Isn't that a scary movie?" gulped Amanda.

"Yes," replied Matt "but I will protect you." He smiled.

"O... Okay." She stuttered as her heart dropped because of his perfect smile.

"Yes!!!!" Cheered Steph and Mel, and they went running off to get tickets.

Amanda started to walk away but Matt grabbed her and swung her around gracefully. They had feelings for each other and both of them knew it, but neither would do anything.

"You don't have to watch the movie, I'll be right there so don't be afraid." He said very softly right into her ear as they interlocked fingers. Amanda just nodded knowing she wouldn't be able to speak.

"Good." He said as he brushed his fingers slowly down her cheek, kissing her with the lightness of a feather hitting the ground.

He walked off, leaving her there stunned to recollect her thoughts.

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