Two Hearts: Chapter 1- The Accident

July 25, 2010
By Heather3728 GOLD, Mastic, New York
Heather3728 GOLD, Mastic, New York
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Amanda woke up crying. She's been having that dream ever since the night of the accident. Once she calmed down, her thoughts wandered back to that night...

Once Alex and Amanda got back to the car, they got in and he started it. They were driving down the dark winding road surrounded by a pitch-black menacing forest. The trees seemed to close in around them they as drove down the narrow parkway.

Out of nowhere, a huge chocolate colored deer, with huge antlers, jumped out into the road. Alex was to busy trying to tune in the radio to pay attention.

"Alex watch out!" Screamed Amanda.

As Amanda screamed, his head shot up and he swerved right into another car coming from the opposite direction. Glass shards of various sizes came flying from the windshield...

Then there was a funeral soon after the accident.

"I'm a Barbie a girl in a Barbie world..."

Her phone blasts her favorite ring tone shaking her from her upsetting thoughts.

"Good, it's only Melanie." She said to no one in particular as her puppy came running in.

"Teako, come up here."

Teako jumped up on the bed wagging his tail. The brown and white shittzu was the love of her life and was glad he was "mommy's" little "prince".

She pet him in his favorite spot and his big brown eyes sparkled as the sunlight filtered through the lime green curtains.


"Hey Mandy, do you wanna hang out later?"

"Depends, where do you want to go?"

"Well I was thinking that we could go to the mall with Steph... and Matt."

"Are you still trying to get me to go out with Matt?"

"C'mon, you know he likes you and you've liked him for a while now. I know you are still upset over Alex, and you haven't taken off the necklace, but why don't you just give him a chance?"

"I don't know. I'll meet you there in an hour."

"Okay, love ya!"

The line went dead.

Melanie's been trying to get Matt and Amanda to go out for months. They've liked each other for a while but neither one will show it.

Amanda got into her red corvette convertible and pulled out of the driveway. This was one of the few times she would drive her own car to get somewhere ever since the night of the accident 1 year ago.

"Well I don't know," she said to no one.

"Matt is pretty cute and he's so sweet... I have to think this one through."

She made a left into the mall's parking lot and went to go meet her friend's at the usual spot.

As she was walking to Starbucks, Amanda realized that the crowd was bigger than normal today. She wondered why... When she made it to Starbucks, she saw all her friends drinking Vanilla Frappichinos and Melissa was holding one for her. Then she saw Matt...

The author's comments:
I want people to see that things happen but you have to move on in life.

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