July 26, 2010
By nellie1 BRONZE, Whitman, Massachusetts
nellie1 BRONZE, Whitman, Massachusetts
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“Don’t leave.” I whispered softly.
His back was turned to me, briskly walking away, but my sudden calmness stopped him in his tracks.
“Why should I listen to you?” his voice was low and angry, sending shivers up and down my spine. “You don’t need me anymore, remember?”
His hands balled into tight fists at his sides, and he shook his head.
I wiped a lonely tear that was traveling down my cheek.
“I...I didn’t mean to! All I wanted was to fit in.” My voice was hoarse and thick with sadness.
He laughed sarcastically, “Yeah, like nobody ever liked you before. Notice how I said before.”
I winced at his words; I had never seen him this angry before. I messed up bad.
It all started that freezing December morning, in homeroom.
I had enough with being the outcast, with being the quiet, shy, nice girl. I just wanted people to accept me. I wanted him to like me. Not only as my best friend. I changed my appearance, and I changed my hobbies, but mostly just screwed everything up.
Why are you so stupid? I screamed at myself internally, you lost your best friend! The only one who really wanted you no matter what!
“You changed so much that I don’t even know who you are anymore. Every time I tried to talk to you, you would dumb yourself down to try and be like the rest of the girls in this school. But you’re not. You’re not the average 16 year old. You’re beautiful but also smart.”
He turned to look at me with eyes full of resentment and sadness. They were like daggers, stabbing me in the heart.
“I know. I messed up and I’m sorry, sorrier than you think, Andy.”
He laughed again. “Yeah, right I’m going home now.” He turned around slowly.
It’s now or never!
I don’t know how I got the guts to run after him, but I did. I stopped in front of him, blocking the path to his car.
“What are you doing? Get out of my way.” He tried to walk around me but I caught his arm. I looked him straight in the eye
“Listen, I’m sorry, okay! I’m sorry I’m such a failure, sorry I ruined your life, sorry that the one thing I wanted was you!”
A confused look spread across his face, “You already had me.”
“I know, but I wanted more. I tried to make myself prettier, to try and make you like me, but I guess you’re just my friend, and always will be. If you decide to take me back. I understand if you don’t. I screwed everything up.” I looked away from his softening eyes, so he wouldn’t see my tears.
“Why didn’t you just tell me how you felt? And why would you try and be prettier? You’re beautiful, Anna. You don’t need all that black stuff around your eyes.”
He lifted my chin up with a finger; his face looked perfectly deep in thought. Almost all traces of anger were gone.
“I was afraid of being rejected. I know you only thought of me as your best friend, and nothing more. I shouldn’t have tried to change that. It was a horrible mistake. And I will never do anything like that ever again!” My hands were shaky as I reached out to take his hand in mine.
“Anna, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Andy’s voice was low and soft, making me melt inside.
“I have to admit, I kind of had a crush on you too. Well, before.”
I sighed, “So I ruined my chances?”
He smiled slightly, and brushed my cheek with the back of his hand.
“Not completely.” He said, and leaned in to kiss me softly, perfectly, how I had pictured it a thousand times in my head.

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on Aug. 3 2010 at 8:32 pm
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Totally cute, love it!(:

on Aug. 3 2010 at 5:05 pm
emoVamp247 BRONZE, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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wow i love this story it is awesome!

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