The Touch of Fear

July 20, 2010
By Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
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The water looked deep and inviting. The pretty faces with glorious hair and shinning eyes called for her. Their voices, enchanting and hypnotizing, were like sirens calling sailors to their doom.
The water was her doom but it was his saviour. It had taken her decades to plan her escape, years to execute the plan, and just only months to be found after discovering her true love. He was just sailor who sometimes carved beautiful figurines for extra coins. But he was a handsome and thoughtful young man who caught her attention in minutes.
The young sailor had found her crouching beneath the undergrowth attempting to hide from the rain. The rain was their way of locating her and she feared they might walk on land to retrieve her.
The droplets of waters had scarcely touched her fair skin however she still trembled with uncontrollable fright. The young man, soon realizing her fear to be stroked by the rain drops, sat beside her and protected her from the menacing water.
The harsh rains subsided and the sailor hoisted her dainty, limp body, into his firm arms and brought her to his home. The home was comforting and peaceful even though villagers discussed loudly and animals sung off tune.
She had been lethargic for the first few hours of arriving. The man’s mother cleaned her with a warm cloth, washing away the remains of the fear. His mother dressed her in a red dress that reached her mortal ankles. The woman cleansed her hair, combed the golden locks, and then entwined a beautiful white and yellow flower in her curls.
Before letting her son in, the woman powder her face and painted her pale lips red. She admired herself in a shiny object hanging from the wall. The young man entered shyly and she stared at him, cautiously, under her long lashes.
The young man came to her side and she enlightened him on how grateful she was for him to rescue her form the rain. The man smiled and informed her that he would save her from her greatest fear no matter how dangerous they were.
She believed him. His confident and soothing voice enwrapped her, delicate, body in a silky blanket of security. The young man’s forename was Cal, a simple but unique name, he had said. She had smiled sweetly and had given Cal her title, Princess Fantasia.
“A Princess!” Cal had exclaimed. “No wander your beauty is so stunning and captivating.” Fantasia flawless, creamy white, face reddened.
Fantasia informed Cal that she was running away from a marriage she did not wish to participate in. She told him the rain scared her because it was supposedly a method of tracking down enemies and they could use it on her. She notified Cal that the water feared her most because then she would be taken by the tide to her nightmare.
Cal listened attentively and when Fantasia was done he embraced her. She lay upon his shoulder still while Cal promised to keep her safe and happy. She began to understand a friendship was being created between them and enjoyed the feeling of being truly cared for very much.
As the days worn on and Fantasia gained her strength, Cal introduced her to the village people. Each day she learned of a new mortal and each day she made a new true friend. Children stopped their mischief to gaze at her. Men were put into trances by her beauty. Women envied her and loved dressing her like she was a little girl’s doll.
Cal was an apprentice to a great Captain. When Cal was needed on the ship, out on the sea he would leave Fantasia to the villagers’ women. He suspected the constant admiring and complements would keep her distracted until he returned.
Cal had been correct. Constantly changing into new dresses, with new slippers, and having her hair altered every fifteen minutes, just to be awed by her friends was time consuming. After his tasks Cal would come and retrieve Fantasia. His mother would cook a feast that none of them could finish and then Fantasia would retreat to her bed, where Cal would shortly join her.
Fantasia worst memories of the village were when Cal had left on a three day voyage. It poured down rain for three whole days. The nights without Cal were restless. Her dreams became frightful and a persistent tug to return to the, massive indigo, sea surfaced.
On the third day the rain still pounded down on the village and once again Fantasia was forced to stay inside. But the gloomy feeling she had felt the days before resided because she knew today Cal would come and sweep her into his warm arms.
But Cal never showed up. Fantasia had waited all day and even into the night when the sadden woman had gone to sleep. She was so confident that the young man, with shaggy, vibrant, brown hair and kind hazel eyes, would appear at the door that she didn’t receive a wink of sleep.
As morning came and went Fantasia began to panic. She was determined to wait until Cal returned into her grasp. Days carried on without her slumbering but without Cal the nightmares came and so sleep became unnecessary.
Days passed on and still Fantasia sat by the window, facing the harbour, waiting for him to return. One day the sweet woman kissed Fantasia’s forehead and gave her a hot cup of tea. The tea was not an ordinary tea. The liquid made her sluggish and soon, involuntarily, Fantasia slipped into a deep sleep.
The currants were strong and overpowering. The water falling from above was flooding the vessel. The waves were immense and threatening to tip the gigantic ship over. Men were in frenzy, calling orders, responding to commands, and praying to god to spare them.
Fantasia spotted Cal working frantically at a rope. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to untie the rope or if he was attempting to knot it more securely. What she did know was her presence had caused this chaotic storm.
They knew where she was and they had waited until something precious of hers had gone out of her reach. She couldn’t protect Cal, it was too late. The thought had barely left her mind when a familiar voice replied, “My Princess it is considerably early.”
The ship was going to tilt too far and sink into the deadly ocean. “Don’t...please.” Fantasia cried. “I’ll return but you must return that ship to me with all its passengers.”
The ship was leaning into the ocean and Fantasia was certain it was the end for Cal. She saw him grip the edge, trying to prevent himself from falling into the stormy waters. He face was distorted and he was murmuring a pray or something.
Fantasia’s body went rigid when she heard her fearful loves’ voice, “God of the sea, set me free, but if you truly desire, for my retire, then let the one I love, be free like a dove, let no sadness hold her down, for she does not deserve to drown, Fantasia is her name, do not let her feel to blame, Amen.”
A tear glides down Fantasia’s cheeks. “Save him, save them all.” She orders in a stronger tone. The ship goes upright and the fatal waves disperse into a peaceful rocking. The rain halts and the clouds scatter. The sun shines a deceiving sense of protection. Fore Fantasia knew without the sun the rain couldn’t be of use.
The men cheer, kiss the deck, and cry out of joy. They thank the lord for his mercy and promise a million and one promises before they start home. “This was a warning Princess Fantasia, I will not be so merciful the next time.” She awoke cold to the core.
Fantasia didn’t confront the woman for her trickery. She just waited by the window until she saw the great ship coming into the harbour. She called to the woman and then without waiting sprinted to the harbour.
Fantasia had never gone near the harbour. It secretly gnawed at Cal that his love couldn’t share his passion for the ocean however he never pressured her to come, not once. When he saw her at the harbour jumping excitedly with the other villager women he had never been happier.
It brought him great joy to know Fantasia would forget her fear for him. As quickly as he could he leapt onto the dock. Fantasia had already begun running towards the vessel. Cal only needed to take a couple steps before Fantasia soared into his arms.
It was then they shared their first kiss. It was forceful and urgent but passionate and plentiful. It warmed the two souls to bliss. Sadly, only hours later, they shared their last kiss. It was soft, gentle and alluring. Cal kindly tried to move the kiss to something more but Fantasia had to reject the idea.
Together they leaned against the wall intertwined in each other’s limps. Fantasia sung a melody that portrayed the way she felt when she was home. How she was trapped to a life she did not wish to continue. She sung about her dreams and her escape. The way she hid frightfully from her past until she met Cal. The feelings of security and happiness left her lips and a tune of love followed. The fear rose back in her voice mixed with a regret and loss.... then relief surfaced.
Fantasia hummed silently for a few moments and then she sung the worst song of all. A song to make him forget trailing after was tune to bring him eternal happiness and lastly a melody to bestow never ending luck on the she loved.
Silence came and Fantasia was left with the man she loved slumbering in her arms. She kissed his forehead then removed herself from his touch. Before she left Cal’s home she made the village forget her presences.
Once that was done she had walked to quite spot were the ocean touched the land. She didn’t back. The water yanked at her and she was tired of resisting but she was still scared. But fear was like an unimportant speck of dust when the one she loved was endangered.
Fantasia’s foot hovered over the water and she could see in the distance, merpeople’s arms outstretched readying to grab her. A hand gripped her wrist and she startled.
It was him, Prince Adriatic of the seas. His grip loosens and Fantasia peers at him warily. He smiles warmly, something Fantasia has never seen. She wonders if it’s just a trick of light but she can feel from his touch it’s not.
“Our world needs a Queen, Fantasia, but I promise you more freedom. I will make you happy one day like he did. I’ll protect you like he did.”
Fantasia takes her hand away and she sees that Adriatic is honestly hurt by her action. She places her hand in his. She knew he would never let her stay but she also knew he had changed. He respected her now and Fantasia was certain a bond was forming that could possibly be called love one day.
Fantasia watched from afar
The love that had left a scar
He had a great ship of his own
Happily he was not alone
A young boy and girl by his side
And a loving warm hearted bride
Nonetheless he never forgot
The past love that had left a knot
On his vast marvellous vessel
A beautiful carved figure nestles
Fantasia was his guiding light
Fantasia was in his line of sight

The author's comments:
Self sacrificing doesn't always have to be sad. There are always alternate happy endings. Hope you enjoy the tale of happiness.

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