Puma's Pride

July 11, 2010
By MoonWillow BRONZE, Collierville, Tennessee
MoonWillow BRONZE, Collierville, Tennessee
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"dont judge a book by its cover"

“WHAT!? Like a shape shifter who turns into animals?!" Braden asked, freaked out.
"SHHHHH! Gah, yes, actually one animal... a puma." Kylie Said quietly.
"You gotta be joking! You can't possibly...” he started she began to run and she leaped into the air, then she flashed a bright white light, she had transformed.
"What the! #%@>?!" Braden screamed.
"Wow," Kylie thought," Braden is a tough skater dude, who just screamed like my little sister at a spider"
Braden was 16, and oh so fine in Kylie’s mind. He wore vans skater shorts and a hoodie with his long swoosh brown hair. His one blue one green eye sparkled usually when he smirked at her from his skateboard. Her long brown hair was always covering her light brown eyes, and they had a thing for each other, silently, shyly, but they never said a word. Until 2 months ago, he finally had the guts to talk to her. They got a little serious, so she decided to break the news to him… unfortunately he took a shock to the news.
“How is this possible?!” he whispered. She quickly changed back, and walked over to him.
“Don’t be afraid of me… or disgusted whichever” She whimpered. He looked into her hidden eyes with shock.
“I am not afraid of you, Ky! I Love you, but this is a big shock. I didn’t even believe that you, as a shape shifter, were real!” He told her taking her hand.
“But your eyes showed anticipation, did you want to run of fear?” she asked n tears.
“No, I was trying to hold myself back from wanting to pet you!” he laughed.
She stood confused, but she laughed too. “At least he isn’t afraid…” she thought
“I’m not afraid…” He murmured. She looked up. He smiled. “Because I have a secret too, I’m a Scorpio.” He giggled. Kylie smacked him across the shoulder.
“God, Braden!!! I can’t believe you can joke at times like this!” She wept.
”Stop your crying, I’m sorry Ky, honest” He said sweetly.
“Okay, but you gotta keep it a secret you know?’’ She told him,
“Yes I know.” He thought to her head.
“How…? Are you a telepath?!” She asked, awed.
“Yeah,” he laughed,” Sure will come in handy in geometry” he winked, jokingly. Kylie rolled her eyes and blissfully kissed her renewed love.

The author's comments:
i was inspired to write this, becuz sometimes the truth will set u free...or not"

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