My First Boyfriend

July 13, 2010
It all started in our middle school library. I didn’t know him, but he came up to me and asked me about a book. He said “Sorry, but doesn’t this book look boring?” It was a deep mysterious gray color. I replied “Well I have to read the first page before I can give you an honest answer.” He looked at me and said “NO! Does it LOOK boring? That’s what I asked.”He sounded kind of angry, and I was flat out confused and sort of infuriated. He made me feel so stupid when I knew I was an intelligent girl. So, I gave him an answer I thought he deserved and walked away “Of course it looks boring the author didn’t write the book for the cover he wrote it for the content, and I suggest you find another way to find a book.” As I walked away I felt sort of proud of myself.
I began looking for a book again then he tapped me on the shoulder and I sighed. I opened my mouth to say something to send him away, but he cut me off and said “Umm, back there I might have acted like a jerk” I rose one of my eyebrows. He continued “okay I was a complete butt and I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings in anyway. Is all forgiven?” I nodded. Then he finished with “Now can you please help me find a book.”
From that day on we hung out. We were even called those freaks connected at the hip. Tyler had a lot of skater friends and I was the artsy girl, but I loved sports too. We both seemed to merge our group of friends together even before we started dating.
At the time he had a girlfriend named Christy who hated me with a passion. She didn’t like how everyone would say group me and him together and not her and him. And, she hated how Tyler always ran to me with all his problems. One day after second period Tyler asked is I wanted to meet his mom, and I said yes. After calling my mom who knew Tyler I rode his bus home. His girlfriend rode his bus as well. When she saw me she said “Why are you on this bus?” I let Tyler answer “Oh, I was telling my mom that she was my best friend and she wanted to meet her so I invited her to my house.” Her face turned so red I could see the veins in her forehead bulge beneath her skin. She replied with a long statement “First, of all why haven’t you invited me. Second, why do you talk about her to your mom, and third I’m your girlfriend I should meet you mother before anyone else.” The bus screeched to a stop he stood up and said “The only girlfriend that will be invited to meet my mom is the girl I plan to marry and I don’t see myself getting married to you. Oh, and by the way she’s my best friend not my girlfriend.”
He was walking exceedingly fast like he did when he was angry. I had to practically run to catch up with him. On the way to his house there was a small park with two swings and a jungle gym. I pulled him into it so he could get his frustration out before I meet his mom. He just started yelling “Why does she always do that, she’s so annoying. You know what I breaking up with her. She’s so embarrassing.” I didn’t disagree but he must be hurt, because he never says a bad thing about anyone. I sat him down at the swings and we swung for a couple of minutes in silence. Then he said in low voice “I never wanted to go out with her. Her friends kind of pushed her on me. I’ve never once kissed her and in a 3 month relationship and in seventh grade that doesn’t deserve to be called a relationship.”

Then I blurted out without thinking “Well I’ve never kissed anyone!” As soon as I said it I regretted it with all my heart I wished I could press rewind. He looked at me “Why haven’t you you’re a pretty girl.” He always told me that. I replied “Well I want it to be special not some random guy” he looked at me and said “That makes sense. Am I special.” When he said that I was taken off guard, so I said what came to mind. “WHAT?” Then he leaned in and kissed me. It felt weird, but not wrong. After a couple of seconds I pulled away remembering Christy. “You have a girlfriend and until you break up I can’t do this, sorry.” he looked like he’d forgotten. “Your right.” Then I remembered what he said to Christy on the bus, so I said “Umm I should ask my mom to come and pick me up since we might have something here and remember what you said about only the girl you’ll marry.” He handed me his cell phone and I called my mom he waited till her car pulled up before he went home.

After the weekend I went back to school not knowing what was going to happen. I imagined Christy and a gang of her friends coming to confront me, but when I saw her she was flirting with a basketball player. I walked fast hoping she didn’t see me stare at her with blank confusing written all over my face. So, instead of talking with my friends I went straight to homeroom. When I got there he was standing there, and he looked kind of nervous. He said “Before you say anything I broke up with her the night I kissed you, b I’ve always liked you.” And, for the first time I interrupted him. I grabbed his sweaty hand (which I thought was cute) and kissed him. He said nothing for once and kissed me back.

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DarkTruth said...
Jul. 24, 2010 at 12:18 pm
wow i'm proud of myself but i should have edited better
luvtaylor16 replied...
Oct. 20, 2010 at 11:12 am
wow this is such a good story, u 2 first started out as just friends, but then u ended up being BF & GF. Tht is awesome!!!
luvtaylor16 replied...
Oct. 20, 2010 at 11:12 am
is this a true story?
sassymamma245 replied...
Apr. 26, 2011 at 12:37 pm

i agree with luvtaylor they started out friend and ended up together its so awesome


to anwser the true question: in my life that wil never happen

DarkTruth replied...
Apr. 26, 2011 at 11:55 pm
yes it is we are not together now he moved away unfortunatly
sassymamma245 replied...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 1:45 pm
Was he ur true love?? That be cute to really know that true love is out there somewhere because ive never really thought it was true true love and all that but dont worry there's more fish in the sea of uncertainty.
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