Fifth Letter

July 3, 2010
I read the letter above my mirror for the fifth time today. The writing was written in his cursive embeding all the memories we shared. I picked up my pen slowly to write the fifth letter since I've seen him last. The new brown box that once held my Nike shoes now held all my feelings.

I adressed the note to him and licked the envelope shut until I could fold my finger smoothly acrossed it. The words I love you and Forever and Always seemed to be engrained in my vocabulary. The memories of us seemed to be apart ofmy every day life.

I shut the box carefully, reliving every last spoken word over and over.I didn't want to let go of something that was once my life. One of my many tears was shed that day though. But not because I was sad I wasn't with him, or because I was hurt because of heartbreak, but because I realized that what was best was for me to let him live his life.

The next day I picked up the Nike shoe box, opening it, I started my last letter with P.S I love you, and ending it with the last words we said, Forever and Always.

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