The kind of love that kills

June 28, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a hot summer night at El Tejaban’s parking lot, when Maria made the worst decision ever.

“Maria!” Rolando shouted.


“Would you like to go to the lake with me every one is going it could be like old times we just going as friends nothing else.”
I wonder what he’s up to, Maria thought.
“Ok I guess I will go with you, every one is going to be there right?”
“Yeah, I will pick you up tomorrow like at 12:00 pm.”
“Ok, sounds good.”

The next day on the way to the lake nothing was said not a word. She was wondering why where they the only two in the car, but didn’t ask just stayed quiet. Once they got to the lake and Rolando got his parents boat in the water, they went and found a spot where to set everything up.

“Maria, you want to go take a ride on the boat?”
Should I ask where is everyone at, or should I just go, Maria thought.

“Where is every one at?”

“They are coming, let’s just take a ride wile everyone else gets here.”
Maria didn’t answer right away, as if she was scared.

“Ok, let’s go but we have to come back fast.”

They got on the boat and left, once they where in the middle of the lake he turned the boat off

“Maria we are the only ones coming, I am sorry I had to lie if not you wouldn’t of came.”

“Take me back, I want to go home I don’t know why I was so stupid to believe you, take me back NOW!”
At that moment she new this was not going to end up well, all she could think of was how to get help.

“Well that was the only way I could get you to come so we could talk.”

“I don’t have nothing to talk to you bout, I am moving on I want to see other people.” At that moment she was scared thinking of how he was going to react bout that.

“No you can’t see anyone else, I DON’T WANT NO ONE TUCHING YOU, I want you I don’t want no one else.” he started getting mad and wanting to handle her. At that moment she new she needed to do something to get away from him, so she made a decision to just go with it.

“Ok lets talk and half something to drink.”

“Ok lets have shots of this tequila I got.”

he pored the first round of tequila shots, they both drank the shot, after that she stared poring them out into the water when he wasn’t looking,

“Maria, I love you you’re the best thing that could of ever happen to me.”

“You are to Rolando; I love you with all my soul.”
After an hour and thirty minutes of Rolando saying the same story over and over, and constantly telling Maria he loved her.

“I want to go home now.” Maria told Rolando frustrated. “I want to get out of here, I am driving back.”

“Maria this is just getting better, let’s just stay the night and sleep together.”
Rolando started getting to touchy, touchy.

“Rolando stop this is not right, let’s go home.”
He didn’t pay any attention to what she was saying he just wanted to have her in between his arms. So she pushed him of not thinking of how drunk he was and not knowing that she was going to make him fall of bored. She tried to grave his and but he was to drunk to be able to get back up, she new that if she didn’t let go of him he would pull her down with him, She let go of his hand and he was holding on to the bout but he couldn’t do it much longer. She tried helping him once more but he was just ready to let go.

“I can’t believe you did this to me.” Rolando told her gasping for air.

“I am sorry but you wouldn’t stop.” She told him as he was having trouble birthing.
He then let go and drowned. She didn’t know what to do she went to the car and went in to town.

“I need help my boyfriend drowned in the lake.”

“Can you take us to where he is at?”

“Yes sr.”
Maria and the cops got to where the body was at, and then the hard part came calling the parents and telling them what had happen.

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