The distant love...

June 27, 2010
By Musa Awan BRONZE, Islamabad, Other
Musa Awan BRONZE, Islamabad, Other
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The distant love…
Dekhta hoon tumhain har roz meri zindagi meri jaan
Tum ko pa toh na sakoon ga, yeh tarap bhi ab mujh ko manzoor hai

Staring down at the last piece I had just written, I breathed, a painful sentiment weighing down inside of me. It is said that the truest and most sincere of emotions are depicted through our writings and as I read the last verse again, I chuckled softly, pitying, at the stark resemblance the words had with the darkening turmoil of feelings inside me. I placed my hand upon the cigarette lighter behind the dash-board and clicked it. The sudden burst of flame appeared, the yellow fire flickering in the weak gust of wind. I sighed. Nothing could be as bright and comforting for me. Nothing could make me cherish every second of my life. Nothing could relieve me of the pain I had. Nothing ... but that smile.

Her brown, straight hair were blown back by the sudden force of the wind. Tilting back her neck, she laughed, grasping her friend’s hand as she clutched her books even more tightly with her other. Her smooth Pathan features were impeccable, her face outlined sharply at both her nose and her jaw. Wearing a red top and her blue denim jeans she laughedly exited the black towering gates of the university. She approached at the bank of the single-lane jam-packed road, turning her head to each side alternately, craning her neck muscles in search of her vehicle. Gazing at her directly from the fronts of the university, her eyes rested upon the dusty, mud-ridden, black Cultus parked exactly perpendicular, unaware that secretly, sincerely, deeply it actually waited for her. Turning back to her friends she began to chat away once again. Sighing, I blinked, pausing for a few moments, perhaps unknowingly gathering myself for what came my way next. As I slowly opened my eyes once again, my pupil re-focusing, actually widened (if this was even possible), yet the impossible, at-least for me was taking place.

Those captivating, mesmerizing emerald eyes were fixated upon me, searching? confused? loving? I knew not. Lost in the magic those eyes were spelling upon me, I longed for more, for those eyes to come closer, to search deeper, oblivious for those few blissful seconds to the suggestion that those eyes actually might even be fearful or uncomfortable. Nah! It was happening, I was sure, my patience and sincerity were finally to be appreciated.

She hopped in excitement, that special smile spreading once again, as a sleek black Honda stopped next to her. Sitting inside she winked at her friends and waved as they stared enviously watching the guy behind the wheel, with his slick, gel-backed hair, wearing a pair of branded shades and an expensive Armani shirt a cigarette dangling casually from his lower lip, hug her inside. As the turbo-powered engine revved and sped away into the distance I knew not why but the pain inside me took back its place once again as it knew that the distant love was just what its name suggested…distant.

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