Luck of the Irish:Chapter one-First Stop

June 27, 2010
By Skylee1121 BRONZE, Amarillp, Texas
Skylee1121 BRONZE, Amarillp, Texas
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As good as gold, as cunning as the fox, as swift as a hare, as dull as ditch water. These were all sayings that I had really gotten tired of hearing from Dubhlainn, my very sexy, sweet, smart-a**, Irish boyfriend. It’s really a funny story how I met him. Not the way I told myself I would ever meet a guy, but love finds weird ways of showing its self.

It was on a rainy spring day, well now that I think about it every day was pretty much rainy so it was on a spring day with my twin sister in Ireland. We had both just gotten out of college, and decided to take a European vacation. We had started planning this trip our freshman year in high school, and there was no way we weren’t going to do this. Ireland was our first stop. It was pretty much the only place I wanted to go to. We wanted to get away from the city so we found a little village named Rathmolyon. It was a cute little village and it had the cutest bed and breakfast I had ever seen called the Rathmolyon bed and breakfast. We settled in and then decided to experience Ireland head on. We had no trouble finding a pub. We walked in the door, and there was Irish folk music playing, and so many people dancing, and drinking, and just having a good time. We made our way up to the bar and ordered some beer just to go along with everyone else. We got our drinks and I swallowed it down as best I could. I’d never been to found of beer before. After our drink we wanted to dance around with everyone and to what it felt like to be Irish. We started getting the hang of the dancing and started having a good time. In all this excitement I told my sister that I wanted another drink. Because what could be more Irish then to get a little tipsy at a pub. While Cheyenne, my sister was dancing and having a good time I made my way to the bar and got me another beer. I sat there and drank my beer when this incredibly hot guy sits right next to me and says:

“hello there, sweetheart.”

“hello” I said with a little giggle.

“oh what’s this? Do we have and American in the pub?” he said with a sexy smile.

“why yes you do, there’s two actually.” I pointed to Cheyenne.

“I should have known.”

“what do you mean?”

“well lets just say, you two don’t really move like the normal’s here.”

“oh you mean our dancing?” he laughs

“yes I mean your dancing.” this makes me laugh

“yeah I know we’re horrible.”

“you’re not horrible, I’ve seen worse, not much worse, but…” he smiles that sexy smile again.

“hey, hey, hey now give us a break, man. We are American after all.”

“you’re right I should give you a break, and you know what else I should give you?”

“what’s that?”

“dancing lessens.” he chuckles

“Ha, ha.”

“but really, what do ya say? Dance with me?”

“yeah why not?” he leads me to where everyone is dancing and tries to teach me how to river dance, but with no success we end up having a very good time anyway. The afternoon in the pub turns into a night at the pub. Cheyenne finally comes up to and starts dancing with us, and let me tell you she did no better then me at the dancing lessens, and when it starts to get really late, or really early rather we head back to our bed in breakfast. We both shower and lie in our squeaky beds for a while.

“that boy was so cute.” Cheyenne says as she turns to look at me in her bed.

“wasn’t he?” I say as I playfully lick my lips.

“yes. You’re so lucky he came up to you, and wanted you.”

“wanted me?” I laugh

“yeah I could so tell that he was into you.”

“you really think so?”

“hell yeah I do.”

“to bad we’re leaving tomorrow night. I could really have stayed a lot longer.” I say with a smile.

“did you ever learn his name?”

“now that you think about it, I didn’t”

“he never asked for your name?”


“and you never asked for his?”

“well obviously not.”

“who knows, it’s a small village. You might see him again.”

“yeah maybe…” I say as I start to daydream

“well goodnight, Skylar.”

“goodnight, Cheyenne.”

The next thing I know Cheyenne’s waking me up.

“Skylar, wake up. We already slept in, and missed breakfast so we’re gonna have to find it somewhere else. I get up and get ready. We go downstairs and find the lady that owns the pace.

“excuse me miss, would you happen to know a place we could get breakfast around here?” Cheyenne ask

“well you could have had it here and hour ago.”

“we know, we just had a late night last night and we over slept.” she smiles.

“oh to be young again, there’s a little dinner now the road who I think is still selling breakfast.”

“thank you.” I say with a smile as we walk down the road. When we’re half way to the dinner I feel a rain drop fall on my nose and then another, and then out of no where the rain just starts poring. We run to the dinner and pretty much push our way past people to get in. when we get in the door we’re already soaking wet. The people in the dinner look at us for a few moments and then return to their conversations. We make our way to some bar stools and wait for someone to give us a menu and take our orders. We get our menus from this really nice lady.

“when you two are ready to order Dubhlainn here will take it.” she points to tall boy with short hair, he turns around to look at us and then I see it was the boy from the pub last night. So his name was Dubhlainn, interesting. I didn’t say anything about dancing with him all last night. I wanted him to recognize me “first”. Cheyenne calls him over when we choose something to eat. He comes over to us with a smile.

“what can I get you two?”

“I would like the number-” he cuts Cheyenne off.

“whoa wait weird, aren’t you the two Americans I was dancing with last night?” he doesn’t give us time to answer. “oh of course you are. How could I have forgotten such smooth white skin, and hair, and those beautiful gray-blue eyes of yours.” he says to me. I play dumb for a minute. I give him a puzzled look and then I made it look like it had all just come to me.

“oh yes, from the pub. Yes I remember you.”

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see you. Small town” he says with a smile.

“yeah no lie.”

“well I never got your name last night, how rude of me.” I giggle

“its no problem, I’m Skylar.” I say as I shake his hand.

“very nice to meet you.” he looks over to Cheyenne to get her name.

“oh, I’m Cheyenne.”

“lovely names you got there.”

“why thank you.” I look at his name tag. D-U-B-H-L-A-I-N-N? “I’m sorry I don’t think I know how to pronounce your name.” he looks down at his name tag with a smile.

“I guess in the US they would spell it D-U-B-L-I-N”

“oh I see, you Irish spell things funny.” I say with a tease.

“ha I guess you’re right. Oh! Look at me I’m just chit-chatting away, what will ya have girls?”

“as I was saying before. I’ll have a number 4 with black coffee.” Says Cheyenne

“and I’ll have a number 9 with some apple juice.”

“alright, coming right up.” he take our menus and heads back to the kitchen.

“how cute.” Cheyenne says playfully.

“shut up.” I say with a smile.

“Skylar and Dubhlainn sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

“grow up.” I say with laughter. About fifteen minutes later Dubhlainn comes out with our orders.

“a number 4 with a coffee for you, and a number 9 with apple juice for you.”

“thanks.” I smile.

“you’re very welcome, sweetheart”

“so I think I’m gonna take my break now.” he shouts to the back. “you ladies mind if I sit with you?”

“no not at all.” I say.

“good, I was gonna sit with you even if you said no anyways.” he smiles at me. “so any reason why you’re here in Ireland?”

“its kind of an after college trip.”

“oh really that’s cool, get out of college, go to Ireland.”

“well this isn’t the only place we plan on going to.”

“oh really? Where else?”

“well we’re going to England, France, Spain, Italy, and maybe Germany if we have the time.”

“how long you staying here?”

“we’re leaving tonight.” I said with a some-what sad voice.

“aw what a shame.”

“yeah, but maybe I’ll come back someday.” trying to bring some hope to him.

“I hope so. I never met such a pretty American before, and I’d really like to get to know you.”

“well do you happen to have a Facebook?”

“oh yeah, we could be friends.”

“for sure.” I smile. He smiles back. He grabs a napkin and a pin and writes down something, and hands it to me.

“what’s this?”

“e-mail address, so you can look me up on Facebook.”

“oh right for sure, next time I have some Wi-Fi on my computer I’ll look ya up.”

“sounds like a plan.”

“Dubhlainn!” someone shouts from the kitchen.”

“oh guess my brakes over. Hope to see you two soon before you leave.”

“yeah you too.” he heads into the kitchen.

“oh I know he only wants to see you again.” Cheyenne says with a laugh.

“oh.” I smile. “sorry.”

“no your fine. Your little puppy love is cute.” I smile.

The rest of our breakfast is filled with conversation on our next destination. England. We talk about what we want to do while we’re there because the whole thing is just what we feel like. The only think we plan is where we want to go, and in what order we want to go in these places. When we’re done we leave a tip for Dubhlainn, and make our way back to the bed and breakfast to pack. When we’re done with that we go out to that pub again for one last drink. We order our beer and chill at the bar. I find myself looking a the door a lot. I guess I really wanted to see Dubhlainn one more time, or more. When we doesn’t come in I will admit I was a little disappointed but I move on. When we’re done with our last drink for the trip we start to head back so we can get our stuff and head to the airport. As we walk out the door who else do I bump into, but Dubhlainn. He smiles at me.

“yes! I got to see you again before you left!” he says with an excited voice as he grabs my face in his hands.

“what are you doing?” I say with a laugh.

“shh.” he says, and the next thing I know he’s kissing me, and I find my self kissing back. I feel very sad when he pulls away. “I’m sorry if that was weird, but I don’t know, I kinda felt like I had to do it.”

“it was weird…but in a good way.”


“well I’ll be back at the bed and breakfast if ya need me.” Cheyenne says awkwardly as she walks out the door.

“yeah. I cant explain it.”

“me either, all I know you’re the only girl that I’ve had this pull to. Its like I cant get enough of you.”

“it’s the same way with me. I found myself disappointed when I thought you weren’t gonna walk through that door, and really happy when I saw you at the dinner.” he hugs me.

“so…when do you leave?”

“well the plane gets here in two hours, and it takes an hour to get to the airport so sometime really soon.”

“how about I drive you to the airport?”

“oh that’s not necessary. We can get a taxi.”

“I insist that you let me take you and your sister to the airport. This way you wont have to pay for the cab, and I’ll have something to do for the next two hours.” he says with a smile.

“fine you win.”


“well I gotta go get my bags.”

“I’ll come with you.”


“well if I’m gonna be your cab driver I have to know where to pick you up, and help you with your bags, and what not.”

“oh right.” I smile. He fallows me out the door, and to the bed and breakfast. When we get there he looks the place up and down and then over to me.

“I’ll be back with the car in twenty minutes, can you be down by then?”


“alright see you then.” I go into the building and up our room, where Cheyenne is putting her stuff together.

“sorry about that.” I say as I start to round my stuff up.

“its fine. Like I said before Its cute. I cant believe he kissed you though. That was pretty crazy.”

“yeah, and pretty amazing.” I say with a smile.

“is he a good kisser?”

“oh yeah. One of the best kisses I’ve ever been apart of.”


“mhmm.” and then I remember that he’s picking us up soon. “oh and he’s picking us up in like fifteen minutes.”

“what? Skylar we don’t have time. We have to go to the airport.”

“I know. He’s the one taking us.”


“yeah he offered so I said yes, and he said that we didn’t have to pay him, but I’m gonna do that anyway.”

“oh okay then. Just try to take it easy on the whole flirting thing. A girl can only handle so much.” she says with a tease.

“ha. Alright you got a deal.”

we get all of our stuff together and then go back downstairs to wait for Dubhlainn. About five minutes later he comes in a cute little blue car, and gets out to help us with our bags. Once that’s all said and done we make our way to the airport. I sit up front with Dubhlainn while Cheyenne sits in the back with the bags. We chit-chat for a while, but soon run out of things to say. He turns on the music and that keeps us quiet for a while. When he gets tired of the tape he’s playing and looks at me and smiles.


“oh nothin’ just that you’re pretty.”

“and you’re sweet” I smile.

“I know.”

“could we please not do this?” Cheyenne says from the back seat only half way kidding.

“sorry…” I smile back with a true sorry face.

“so where are you two headed to next?” he says trying to change the subject.

“England.” says Cheyenne.

“lovely country, and their shore line is amazingly beautiful, I have a summer house out there.”

“I’m so excited.”

“yeah me too.” says Cheyenne.

Another twenty minutes pass and then I can see the airport in the distance. When we get there Dubhlainn pulls up to the front doors and then parks the car.

“Thank you so much for taking us. We had a really great time in Ireland” I say as he gets our bags out of the car.

“you’re very welcome sweetheart. I had a real fun time meeting you, and you as well.” He says as he looks over to Cheyenne

“yeah, yeah, sure, sure.” she says with a smile. “thanks for all your help.” she says to him and then looks over at me.

“oh and I know you didn’t want us to pay you but I insist you take this.” I give him a hounded euros.

“I really can’t take your money, darling”


“fine.” he gives in and takes the money.

“we should get going, Skylar.”

“yeah, okay. I’ll be right in.”

“okay.” she walks into the airport.

“well I guess this is goodbye.” I say in a sad voice.

“no. its never goodbye, just see ya later.”

“works for me.” I give him a hug. He holds me tight. I don’t know why but its seems like me and him are made for each other. This feeling makes me want to never pull away from him, but I do. He hand me my bag and I begin to walk into the airport, but he grabs my hand, and pulls me to him.

“what are you doing?” I ask.

“one last kiss?” I smile, and walk closer to him. I get up on my tip-toes to reach his lips, and kiss him lightly on the lips. When our lips part he says “okay I’m sorry but one isn’t gonna do it for me, and that one was little. I think you owe me more then that.” he says with a laugh.

“you’re right.” I put my hands on the back of his head and pull his head down to my level. I kiss him passionately, more so then I’d planned, but I was just going with the flow now. Sadly I pull away. “I’m sorry but I have to go now.” I say as I pick up my bag and walk into the airport.

The author's comments:
This is a piece i have been working on that has really, and truely been a day dream of mine. Me and my twin sister going on a trip after college, and I happen to mean someone speical.

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