Maturity is Key Part 2

June 25, 2010
By thewritingmichi SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
thewritingmichi SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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Around two hours later, Murielle stepped out of the room softly conversing with the doctor. Their whispering awoke both Billy and Shirley, who started looking around. The blond nurse was still eying Billy and even winked at him when he glanced at her before she walked away swaying her hips. Murielle noticed this transaction and slyly questioned Billy.
“So, was she flirting with you?”
“Beats me.” Billy yawned as he stretched his arms above his head. “Alright, time to go.”
Murielle and Shirley followed Billy to his car. They all got in as Billy revved up the car. The car was silent for a few minutes as they were driving along the late night streets.
“So…” Billy started, trying to break the silence.”What did the doctor tell you?”
“He told me that my parents will be in the hospital for quite some time and that it would be best if I stayed with an adult I know.” Murielle shrugged. “So I guess I’ll be staying with Shirley.”
Shirley started hesitatingly. “Well actually –“
“Let me guess; you have a boyfriend. That explains everything.” Billy cut in. “You can stay with me, Murielle. I’m single so I won’t be screwing my lover every day like Shirley does.”
“Excuse me!” Shirley screeched. “You have NO right to be butting into my love affair.”
“Anyways,” Billy continued ignoring Shirley “since I’m sure you DON’T need to see that, you can stay with me.”
“Is that alright with you Billy?” Murielle wavered.
“Sure thing.”
“Thanks Billy.” Murielle thanked with a wan smile on her face.
“Hmph!” Shirley huffed indignantly throughout the ride back.

Billy dropped Shirley off at her house. Shirley bit her lip nervously at Murielle.
“I’m sorry Murielle.”
“Oh no, it is ok, Shirley.” Murielle reassured waving her arms.
“You can visit anytime you want.” Shirley added as she was waving goodbye.
“Yeah, if she’s not screwing around that is.” Billy snickered. “Later!” he shouted before driving off.
“I heard that!” Shirley screamed as she was entering her house.
“I heard that… you jerk” Shirley sadly whispered to herself as she walked through the door.

Meanwhile in the car, Murielle raised her eyebrow at Billy.
“Was that really necessary?”
“Oh yeah.” Billy answered cheekily. Murielle sighed with annoyance as she looked out of the car window.
When they arrived in Billy’s pad, Billy headed into his room to change.
“I’m sure there are some clothes around here that will fit you.” Billy shouted from the room.
He searched through his drawers to find some clothes for Murielle. He came out with an Adult Large black t-shirt and some baggy striped boxers. “Sorry Murielle, but I don’t have any clothes that will fit you. We can pick up your clothes tomorrow. This will have to do for now.”
“That’s ok.” Murielle nonchalantly responded.

Billy turned to find Murielle in his kitchen staring at the polished silver cone rack.
“Again?” Billy asked. “Murielle, you’ve seen this rack a million times.”
“I know, but your ice cream corner is amazing since there’s a cone rack on top of the counter and a mini freezer just for the ice cream below the counter where no one can see it.” Murielle excitedly retorted.
“Whatever.” Billy shrugged as he carried the clothes over to the couch. “I’ll just put your clothes on the couch. Do you mind crashing there for the night?”
“No, not at all thank you.” Murielle absentmindedly replied.
Billy walked over to the kitchen where Murielle was seated on the stool near the ice cream corner.
“Do you want me to fix you some ice cream?” He asked pulling a bowl and spoon out of the cupboard.
“That would be nice.” Murielle sadly sighed.

Billy took the cookie dough ice cream out of the mini freezer and opened the lid. He tussled with Murielle’s hair playfully before scooping out the ice cream.
“You should be doing this yourself.” Billy remarked.
“And you make me feel like a dog whenever you tussle my hair.” Murielle rebutted.
“Think of it this way.” He replied giving her the ice cream. “Think of me as your parent.”
Murielle rolled her eyes. “Ok, that doesn’t work at all. First off, you’re only seven years older than me and you don’t act like a parent at all. Second, if you’re my dad, then who would be my mom?”
Billy didn’t answer as he scooped himself ice cream before putting it away. Murielle’s mood turned somber again as she slowly ate her ice cream.

“I miss them.” Murielle whispered as her eyes closed quickly before reopening them.
Billy took her into a friendly embrace. “I understand, Murielle, I understand.”
“What will I do, Billy? What will I do?” she broke down into silent sobs.
“I don’t know, Murielle.” He weakly replied pulling her closer to him. “But you have to be strong for your parents and yourself.”

Murielle just clenched her fists harder and let out another stream of tears again. Billy softly rubbed Murielle’s back reassuring her that everything will be alright. When Murielle’s tears stopped, Billy leaned back to face Murielle.
“Will you be alright?” he quietly inquired.
“I’ll be fine.” Murielle heaved a big sigh before her eyes determined and that shield of invincibility drifted over her again. “I’ll be fine.” She muttered to herself weakly.
“If you say so.” Billy responded standing up and moving towards his room.
“Hey wait!” Murielle stopped him.
“Yes?” Billy calmly asked.
“You still didn’t answer my question.” Murielle craftily asked.
“I don’t need to answer it.” He responded cheekily putting the bowls and spoons in the washing machine.

Murielle huffed knowing that she wasn’t going to get an answer. She grabbed her clothes from the couch and changed in the bathroom. When she came out, Billy was already in bed turning off his lights.
“Night, Billy.”
“Night, Murielle. Oh yeah, I put a blanket and a pillow on the couch for you.”
“Thanks.” She yawned before turning the lights off. ‘Night.’

The author's comments:
A little different from The New Girl, but hopefully everyone will like it!

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