My hottie boyfriend

June 8, 2010
By hopesdreamspizza GOLD, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
hopesdreamspizza GOLD, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
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My boyfriend is so amazing is many ways. He has sky blue eyes and blonde hair with brown highlights. He has many friends. He's a great athelete. I'm popular. I have black/brown hair. I'm an athlete. I play basketball(like my bf) and Softball. My bf plays baseball and basketball. He use to date a cheerleader. She was to prissy for him. I'm not a priss. Sam fell for me. He can to one of my games. His cheerleader girlfriend told him to watch us play. Jaime and I are really good friends. She dating a football player named Chris. He's a quarterback(of couse). Sam and I love eachother. At school all my friend cooe at us. They think its cute how we love eachother at such a young age. He's my soulmate. I love him. Jaime was upset when she fouund out that Sam dumped her for me. But she saw how much we had in common she was so happy. So I set her up with Chris my Bffl and cousin. He's 5-6 and hot to all the girls. As soon as he saw Jaime he fell in love with istantly. I'm so happy for them and I'm over joyed with my relaationship to. I think they'll be togehter forever like my boyfriend and I. To this day now we are still together. I love US!!!!!!!!

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on Jun. 25 2010 at 4:18 pm
OfficialApprover PLATINUM, Orefield, Pennsylvania
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This is really cute, short and sweet.  Nice job.  Keep writing!

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