friends to lovers

May 29, 2010
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Fai was always the quite one. Always sitting by himself, in class, even outside of school. He has no friends, and wants to keep it that way. Well you could say he has one friend, a boy named Xenon. Yeah the boy was weird, and had many other friends. But he always put Fai first before everything. Fai was Xenon's first friend at his new high school. The first one to talk to him, the first one to say that he was his first real friend. Xenon was very special to Fai, and Fai will always be grateful to him. Xenon was the one person who helped him get over his first break-up, and the death of his mother. Xenon even let's Fai live with him, that is till the police locate his father.

Fai hasn't seen his father since he was five years old. And frankly he doesn't plan on living with him. Secretly he doesn't want to move out of Xenon's house. Because though he doesn't want to admit it, he's in love with him. He knows it wrong to love another man, but he doesn't care.

Xenon doesn't necessarily want Fai to move out. He knows Fai doesn't really care much for his father, not after he abandoned him with his mother when he was five years old. Xenon knows that he loves Fai, not like him, but love him. He's known this since they first met. He tried to suppress the feelings for Fai but gave up on them when they were to much to bear.

Xenon was thinking one day maybe 'I should tell Fai that I think I’m in love with him. But what if he rejects them, and then gets mad at me. Then tell me he hates me. No no I don’t even want to think about it.' He got up from the ground, and headed back to his house. Fai was the one person that truly made him happy, and sad at the same time. Happy because Fai can almost brighten his day just by looking at him, and sad because he knows he’s not happy. So Xenon decided he will tell him.

Fai was inside making dinner for him and Xenon. He almost brunt himself when Xenon hugged him from behind. “X…Xenon what are you doing?” Fai couldn’t help but stutter. “Hugging you.” Xenon said blankly. “Um…okay well dinner is almost done.” Fai blushed when he felt Xenon nuzzle into his hair. “you know what Fai I have something to tell you.” Fai was then abruptly turned around by Xenon. “Um…What is it?” “I love you. I really truly and honestly love you.” Before Fai could reply Xenon smashed their lips together. It was a messy kiss, but it was also passionate. Fai’s eyes were wide open, but slowly closed. Then he started kissing him back, deeping the kiss. Both of them pulled back at the same time, gasping for air. After regaining their breath, Fai spoke. “I love you too Xenon. I’ve always loved you from the moment our eyes met. To this moment now, and if you want to continue this then I’ll gladly go along with you.” Then Xenon spoke afterwords. “So…You want to be boyfriends then?” Fai nodded his head, then put his lips back to Xenon’s.

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