Fallen Angel's Series: Alec & Brooke Chapter 1

May 23, 2010
Lady Luck’s: Alec
“Are you sure you want to make that move?” I asked Eric, sarcastically. Eric was looking at his cards very carefully, wondering if it was a risk. His dark green eyes scanning the cards looking at my cards, wondering what numbers were under the covers. That was impossible though, I never left anything predictable to notice, not in cards, not in chess, and especially not in battle. I was always careful, ready to strike, to defeat my opponent carefully and fast as possible.
“Shut up, Strike. I’m thinking.” Eric whispered. His hand on his chin while his elbow was on the table. He licked his lips and started to scan my cards again once more. Eric had dark brown hair, with his forest green eyes, and dark tanned skin. He had a blue T-shirt and jeans with holes on them on. Eric Feathers has been my best friend since we were ten years old when we both arrived at the orphanage. We hung out together all the time, even now, seven years later. Eric sometimes has nightmares about his parent’s death, I’m the only one who knows about this though, he doesn’t want anyone to know for some reason, saying that he will get pity from the others or something like that. But, we are practically brothers. He saw them murdered right before his eyes, he couldn’t move or say anything he once said to me. He never knew who murdered his parents, its always been a mystery. As for me, I don’t remember anything about my parents. I don’t even know how I got at the Fallen Angel’s Orphanage when I was ten. The doctor said I had blocked the memory from my mind, saying that I was too frighten and scared of that memory. I don’t really care though, I have a family here at the Fallen Angel’s Orphanage. And I am happy here, and happy to keep the orphanage’s secret.
There was money on the table showing one hundred and twenty dollars. Eric put fifty and I put seventy on the table. I chuckled and laid back in my chair, smiling at my already won victory.
“It is no use Eric. You lost and you know it. You never have beaten me at blackjack, so why try now?” Eric’s eyes suddenly moved away from the checkered board and looked at me, fiercely. My smile dispersed and I looked away from Eric, I knew now he was angry at me because I was talking too much while he was thinking. It’s not my fault that he sucks at blackjack though.
“Hit me.” Eric said. I raised an eyebrow wondering why he decided to make that move. I didn’t say anything though, if I did, then we would have started fighting and the others would have gotten mad at us and started yelling at us how stupid we are for fighting over a stupid card game. But, Eric and I have always been that way though. Always fighting whether who lost or who won, punching and kicking each other until someone won.
I picked up the cards on the right side of me and turned a card over from the front of deck and it the lucky card showed up as a three of hearts. Eric smiled.
“Sorry to disappoint you, Alec. But your winning streak just ended.” Eric flipped his cards over and showed a ten of spades and a seven of clubs. I sighed and looked at Eric who was smiling unbelievably. I scratched my head, licked my lips and looked at my cards.
“Wow, I’m impressed, Eric. That’s a good hand but…” I flipped my cards over this time and showed a jack of spades and an ace of spades. Blackjack.
“Aw, dammit. I really thought I had you this time Alec. Well, there goes my fifty bucks… Oh, well next time I guess.” He said still smiling. I started smiling too when I took his fifty bucks from the table.
“I don’t even know why you try Eric.”
“Shut up.” Eric hissed. I laughed as I was counting my new earned money in front of Eric. I could hear him growl through his teeth while I counted the money slowly.
“Oh, don’t be like that. It’s just a game.” Eric waved his hands in the air.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Enjoy your victory while I’ll get myself a drink.” Eric stood up from his seat and walked to the kitchen. I put the money in my jeaned pocket while our tutor, Eric’s and I, showed up, Damon. Damon had jet black hair that went to his neck, black eyes like his hair, pale skin that showed up in the light up at the roof of the orphanage, and he has a long straight scar on his left side of his face on his jaw that is whiter than his pale skin. He is twenty five years old and has been currently single for the past five years. Damon has been in the orphanage since he was five years old, his parents died while their car accidently ran off a cliff while Damon was asleep in his bed. After he turned eighteen, he decided to work at the orphanage because it was his home. Usually though, when someone turns eighteen at our orphanage, we go straight to the Fallen Angel Institute because of what we are. Damon wanted to stay at the orphanage to help people like me, who was still confused about what we are. When Eric and I entered the orphanage, he was just starting out as a mentor at the orphanage for the first time. He talked to Eric and I and to the orphans a lot and was great at what he was doing. To Eric and I, and many other orphans, he was like an older brother to us. He had a black T-shirt on that matched his eyes and hair and that you can clearly see his strong muscles and abs. He had clean jeans on with dark shoes.
“What are you doing, Strike?” Damon asked, folding his strong arms against his chest. His black eyes staring at me, like I did something wrong… what in the hell did I do wrong this time?
“I just beat Eric at blackjack and got one hundred and twenty bucks out of it.” I said to Damon. He shook his head and took Eric’s seat and sighed. I knew now that I was in trouble because Damon always sighs before he punishes someone, but I have no idea what I did wrong.
“Okay, what the hell did I do this time, Damon? Because, I have no clue what I did wrong.” Damon smiled and held two finders in front of him. I gave him a curious look wondering what the hell he was doing.
“Two words: Vending machine.” Aw crap, I forgot about that.
“Oh…” I whispered through my teeth. Damon just sighed again and looked at me.
“I just have one question, Alec. Why? Why did you destroy our precious vending machine that we had for ten years, Alec?” I coughed trying to think what to say to get me out of trouble.
“Theoretically, that’s two questions, Damon.” Damon just stared at me, waiting for me to answer his question. Not taking any funny business with me because of what I did to the orphanage’s precious vending machine. I swear they care about that machine more than the kids at the orphanage.
“Okay, well, it happened like this. I was putting money in the stupid vending machine and wanted to buy some Oreos for me, but when I put the money in and I punched the letter and number, nothing came out. So I thought if I punched it well… you know the rest.” Damon scratched his straight black hair while he can’t believe my story. He leaned in front of the table and said, “You’re paying for the damages, and your first payment is the hundred and twenty dollars you just won in blackjack. Give it to me.” Damon had his hand out waiting for the money to be put in his pale hands.
“Aw, come on Damon! That stupid vending machine didn’t even work sometimes and had to be fixed every month, I did the stupid machine a favor and put it out of its misery. You guys should just get a new one and throw the old one away.”
“And that is exactly what we are going to do, we are going to order a new vending machine this week and recycle the old one, but that doesn’t excuse you of what you did Alec. You didn’t just punch it, you murdered it. It was in pieces, you have to learn your lesson.” I rolled my eyes in disbelief. I took the money out of my pocket and handed it to Damon’s pale hands. He closed his hands and stood up from his seat still staring at me but, smiling this time.

“I can’t believe this.” I said, crossing my arms against my chest and leaning against the wooden chair.

“What can’t you believe, Alec?” Eric said walking up towards Damon and I with his fresh Coke in his hand. Damon made a sly smirk.

“Here you go, Eric.” Damon said as he gave Eric the money I just won from him, the hundred and twenty bucks I just won from him. Eric’s face suddenly lighted up and made this huge smile and grabbed the money from Damon’s hand.

“Aw, thanks Damon! So, what did you do this time, Alec?” Eric smirking while he counted all the money, double checking if all the money was there. I threw my hands in the air, can’t believe what just happened.

“What?! You gave Eric the money?! I thought I gave you the money to pay the damages off of that stupid old vending machine!” Eric laughed.

“So you’re the one who destroyed that old piece of crap,” Eric giving me a wink, “Thanks for breaking it I guess, now I got my money back.”

“Shut up.” I hissed at Eric. Damon still smirking at this whole situation.

“Well, I guess that’s the last time you’ll break a vending machine. And your next task to pay off the damages is to go hunting for a bad V.” I leaned back against the wooden chair again and looked at the old wooden roof.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I hunt for bad W’s not for bad V’s, they are much worse and you know it Damon.” I could hear Damon and Eric chuckle while I close my eyes pretending that I was in a bad dream or imagining this in my head.

“Sorry, but what comes around goes around Strike. Now you better get up and start hunting for that bad V before he gets too far for you to hunt.”

“Aw, is the parasite whining? What a baby you are for being an adult.” A dark husky voice said. I looked to my left and rolled my eyes at the despicable smile Kevin was giving me. Kevin Child, seventeen years old, chocolate brown hair, dark forest eyes, muddy colored skin on his body, a white T-shirt under a black leather jacket, blue denim jeans with holes in them (that were clearly messed up on purpose), and the head of the Werewolf pack at the orphanage. Kevin and I have always hated each other since five years ago, when he first came to the orphanage. Not only does he hate me though, he hates Vampires too. He always says stuff about V’s like ‘bloodsuckers are despicable’, ‘vampires should just stay in their graves’, ‘vampires are all evil’, and all other crap that bothers vampires at the orphanage a lot. Kevin is always looking for a fight at Vs, and he’s got his little pack with him to support him. Craven is currently traveling with Delia, his vampire wife, for the next couple of months, so he hasn’t been able to keep up with the orphanage and the V’s and W’s issues together. Even Damon, can’t control Kevin for his hate for V’s, because basically Damon is a vampire too. But, if it wasn’t for Eric for his talent to keep Kevin’s temper in check, this orphanage would be a total mess.

“What do you want Scooby-Doo? Came back for Scooby snack?” I hissed. Kevin’s smile finally dispersed and his green forest eyes soon went into a dark rage. I could tell that he wanted a fight now, and I would’ve accepted it too but, Damon and Eric wouldn’t allow it apparently. “Stop it, both of you.” Damon said seriously. Damon’s black eye’s soon turned crimson red, only vampire’s eyes turns like that only when they are hungry or they are ready for a fight. Kevin then took his gaze away from me and looked at Damon. He chuckled, “Or what, leech? You’re going to suck my blood? I would like to see you try.” I laughed. “Hell no, werewolf blood tastes like a dead dog that’s been dead for centuries, no offense Eric.”

Eric then turned to me and shook his head, meaning that I should seriously stop talking. But, Damon just kept his eyes on Kevin, waiting for Kevin to jump at any of us any second, while Kevin never took his gaze away from Damon either.

“You know that’s against the rules, Kevin. You know better.” Damon hissed. Kevin just smirked and laughed at Damon’s comment. “That didn’t stop the vampire that killed my parents.” Kevin’s voice was full of cold ice stabbing you in the heart or worse… a stake in your heart. Damon put down his arms and his crimson eyes dispersed into his dark black eyes. He then faced Kevin, making his strong muscular back facing me.
I was tired of this crap, I stood up from my chair and walked past both Damon and Eric and whispered, “I’m leaving.” I could hear Damon say back to me, “Make sure you meet Lily at the usual spot!” I didn’t even look back to see Kevin’s expression but, I could feel his eyes stare at my back, harshly. Eric said loudly, “Good luck, Alec. You’re going to need it!” And Eric was right, hopefully Lady’s Luck was on my side today.

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