Avery, Chapter One

May 14, 2010
By , Fouke, AR
Avery Smith sat on the ratty 1970’s couch in his basement listening to her boyfriend Haddix Thomas “Rock out” on the drums. In a mass of Red hair she could see the intense expression that lingered in his eyes. For two years he had been chasing after her in awe. Why she couldn’t tell you but he told her “My heart is whole when I am near you.” Pouring sweat the six foot seven “God” as most girls at Parker High School called him approached her. “Avery what did you think was that not the most awesome thing you have ever heard?” She thought for a minute she loved him with all her heart but that was the worst thing she had ever heard. “Sure was sounds great he is going to love it” Avery said looking at Haddix. “Really you think so God I’m so pumped.” He said handing Avery her forearm crutches and kissing her lightly on the lips. “Do I need to walk you home baby?” Haddix said placing his hand on the small of her back and opening the door with other. “No I think I can manage.” She said looking into his crystal blue eyes. Its been like this for a long time now I wonder how much longer he can fake it. Avery asked herself as she neared the worn wooded front porch of her own house. Unlike Haddix’s Mansion it was very quaint and that’s the way she liked it. Seventeen years of memories were in this two bedroom one bath house. As she pushed her way inside she heard her father’s rugged voice. “Now Tammy, honey I will try and get the bill paid as soon as I can” her dad said very sweetly. Tammy, Avery’s step mom was always on her dad’s case about something. Usually it was Avery but this time it was money which didn’t surprise her. “D ad I’m home!” Avery voiced as she dropped her purse on the table and headed to the kitchen. “Hey kiddo where have you been?” He said pulling out a chair for her and pouring a second cup of coffee. “Over at Haddix’s listening to some new material. Using air quotes as she said this “Honey I really wish you’d tell me where you are going when you leave” Dan Smith said as he rose from his seat and started the dish washer. “Dad I texted you but you were probably too busy having your fight of the day with Tammy you didn’t notice.” Avery rolled eyes and picked up an apple I have a lot of studying to do see you later daddy. Avery stood in her “Sticks” and went to her room. Once in her room she turned on her laptop and opened her e-mail and there it was a letter from Haddix waiting to be opened she could see it now:
Dear Avery,
These last few months have been great but I feel as if we need some time apart after all we are two different people with very different interest and feelings. Maybe you should find someone that is better equipped at handling you and loving you I am sorry it has to be this way
But instead it read:
Hey Baby,
You left your cell at my house and my mom wants to know if you and your dad want to come eat dinner tonight at my place. Just let me know
P.S. You looked beautiful today

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Alantis said...
Oct. 24, 2011 at 7:50 pm
Beautiful! :)
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