Best Dance Ever

May 9, 2010
By Protector13 BRONZE, Cadova, Tennessee
Protector13 BRONZE, Cadova, Tennessee
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Sweet Jesus

I hated dances. In fact hated was an understatement. I’d always go alone will Elliott, Cole, and Zach went with someone that would diss them later on. I know what you’re thinking and I WOULD stop going if I could but it’s a grade and…you know how my school is. So anyway it’s three weeks before the dance…..

I have been searching my locker for something…though I couldn’t remember what it was. As I searched I felt the presence of someone rather large. I turned and saw Elliott. He smiled but his eyes showed me he was nervous. Though I don’t believe anyone as large as him could be that that nervous. Elliott was 203 lbs if fun...And cookies.

When I smiled I was sincere. I really was happy to him. In fact I would always be happy to see him. He was my BEST friend, after all. ‘Hello, Elle.” I say. He responds then there was an awkward silence which rarely happens. I began to rock back and forth thinking of what to say next. But he beat me to it.

‘Are you going to the dance?” He asks. He was stalling. He already new I had to go. I say yes and ask him why he asked.

“Oh! No reason.” He tells me. I tell him that there has to be some reason as to why he asked me such a question. I looked into his eyes to see that his nervousness had grown. For what, I wondered.

“Well,” he started. His hands flew in and out of his pockets. I was astonished to hear that he wanted to go to the dance with me. My stomach clenched. Me? Why? I’m weird. Guys who aren’t my friends try there best to avoid me. I though about it Elliott began to squirm from embarrassment. This made me wake up. I decided to put him out of his misery. I smiled and looked at him. “Yes.”

He grinned from ear to ear. Obviously he wasn’t nervous anymore.
“That’s great!” He yells. Then his stomach growled. I chuckled. “First one to the dining hall gets that last pop tart!” I yelled and took off for the dining hall. Elliott stood there for a minute I suppose he was registering what I said. Then… “HEY!” He ran after me. He can run very fast for a big guy. In fact he was the track star of our school.



“Okay boys. This week we will be studying track and field.” Yells Coach Jammie. “He walked down a line of perfectly aligned teenagers. Coach Jammie was 6 ft 3. Yet he was gay with the shop teacher, Professor Scott. No one judged him, though. Mostly because a majority of the school IS homosexual. So as I was say. Coach Jammie made them get in to a group of four. And of course Zach and Cole were together. Then they decided to pick Elliot and Jethro. Then someone laughed. The four turned around to see Kyle smirking at them.

“You guys can’t possibly think that you’re going to win with the blob ob your team, do you.” He strode to them.
“Yeah we can! Ell’s the fastest kid I know.” Cole says. Putting his hands on his curved hips. “Yeah!” That was Zach. His older twin brother. Kyle laughs. And not one of though ha-ha funny laughs. Yeah, it was one of those evil ‘you don’t know what your getting yourself into’ laughs. As he walks away Elliott turns to the twins and Jethro.

“Thanks guys.” He says with a grin. As you can see he will be doing that often. “No problem, dude.” Zach puts his hand on Elliott’s Soft shoulder. “Yeah, that’s what friends do.” Says Cole. “Uh, guys. Coach is starting.” Jethro pointed to Coach Jammie as he handed the teams the baton. He explained what they was supposed to do. When they got into position they put Jethro first to start, then Cole, then Zach and made such that Elliot would finish.

Coach Jammie counted down…or whatever. “On your mark…Get set…” Jethro got into position. ”..GO!” Jethro dashed down the track make it to Cole in second place. Cole grabbed the baton and quickly made his way to Zach. Zach grabbed the baton. Half way to Elliott he yelled for him to get ready. Elliott got into position. “You’re goin’ down fat-a**.” Said Kyle as he bent beside him. Elliott frowned turned to him.

“I’m not fat I’m fluffy.” He retorts. Kyle snorted and paid attention to his partner. Zach and he boy in the next lane got to Elliot and Kyle and the same time. And as soon as the baton was put into Elliott’s hand he took off with Kyle right on his tail.

But then Kyle caught what is believed to be a crap in his side and fell…hard. Leaving Elliott in the lead. Zach, Cole, and Jethro Cheered him crazily. As if that boosted his ego, Elliott speed up and ran across the finish line. His friends ran toward him cheering. Coach Jammie later put him on the track squad.

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