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May 10, 2010
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I was walking to the library in a very sour mood. If you couldn’t guess already then I will willingly explain. Well, the next morning I still had to go to the tutoring session. From then on I have been a grouchy butt. I opened the doors to the library and immediately caught sight of Cody with a stack of books on a dark copper table.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Hesitantly, I stalked towards him.

“Hello.” I say in a crisp voice. He turned towards me in an annoyed way.

“Sit. Let’s get this over with.” There was something in his voice that made me question about something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“So this is how this is going to work.” I said deciding to take over this little session. “You give me the work, I’ll do it, you check then we are out of here before anyone sees. Ok?” I set it down like it is and if he doesn’t like then well then I’ll walk right out that door not bothering what his terms are. Surprisingly though he nodded and sat five books in front of me and a stack of papers.

“This is your first assignment. Get started.” I stared at him then back at the ‘assignment’.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, right? I can’t do this all in an hour.” My voice was rising and I can tell I was losing my dignity.

“Then I suggest you get started.” He said looking up from a page in a book he was holding.

“Natta. I’m not doing this. It’s just a waist of my time. Especially since it’s with you.” I got up and gathered my things.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He said sitting aside the thick book.

“Oh? Why not, hm?” I turned around embracing what he was going to do next.

“I just wouldn’t if I were you.”

“Yeah well you’re not me and never will be.” I briskly walked to the library entrance and walked out. Geez, I never thought about ditching the tutoring session. Ah, how ignorant we can be when you’re frustrated.

I had thought over and over about the situation I had on my shoulder and decided to just sort through it. I had entered the entrance to school and was greeted with posters of me standing with a stricken face with lights blazing on me. My eyes widened noticing it was me when I tried to teepee and graffiti Cody’s house. There was a picture of me throwing the contents inside my brown sack at him. Worst of all whoever did this managed to remove Sarah’s glasses so people could see the fear in my eyes and of course they could see my identity.

Quickly I ran to the first poster I could get to and ripped it down stomping on it with my feet. Then I grabbed another and crumpled it. WAIT! What the heck am I thinking ‘who ever’ did this? It’s so obvious. Who is the only one besides me there to witness my failure? CODY! I could feel my face heating up with anger. Oh he’s is going to die. I stopped with the posters not caring anymore and stomped around the school to find that jerk. I found him putting up more posters of me.

“Cody Bexely!” I stormed towards him, but suddenly stopped trying to compose myself. This is what he wants. He wants me to react like this. Oh, well he has another ball curving his way. I continued on walking towards him, but this time nice, calm and collected.

“Well played Cody, but I must point out that I do have to take revenge and it won’t be as easy going as before. This time I'm going full on. Be expecting revenge very soon.” And with that I stalked off with a brilliant idea that was sure going to ruin Mr. Cody Bexely.

“Dog urine? You are going to get back at him with dog urine?” Sarah gave a look checking that I wasn’t being turned crazy over all this.

“YES! You see I’ll sneak into his house empty one of his shampoo bottles and pour it with dog urine. Tomorrow he will be chased by every dog on the block.” I gave an evil cackle. Sarah stared at me with fear in her eyes.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you already got caught trespassing onto their yard with toilet paper and paint. What if you get caught, again?” she asked nervously. I glared at her.

“Sarah I thought you were my evil minion? How come suddenly you’re scared of revenging on the devil. By all means you should be head of this operation. I surly shouldn’t, you’re my evil mind and hands.” My voice got shrilled as I ended the sentence with one breath. I was breathing heavily when my mom entered with the telephone on one ear and her cell phone on the other.

“Yes, hold on one minute.” She told the caller on the cell phone. She covered the speaker with her hand.

“Someone’s on the phone for you Courtney.” She held out the telephone. Turning her attention back to the caller on the cell phone I grabbed the telephone out of her hand. She walked out the door closing it behind her gently.

“Who is it?” I asked into the phone. There was an unsteady breathing at the other end. “Hello?” I asked again more demanding. Still the breathing was there and it became raspier.

“Creeper.” And with that I ended the call with pushing the red button.

“Who was it?” Sarah asked pushing herself off the bed coming towards me.

“I don’t know. Probably a creeper with no life than to waste minutes of other peoples life.” I responded while opening my door and pounding down the stairs. I found mom in the living room talking calmly to the other end. Ignoring the fact that there was a stack of letters on the side table next to her I headed towards the kitchen with Sarah trailing behind me. I opened the fridge door and found yogurt to feast on.

“Hungry?” I asked aloud to Sarah. I turned back to her with two yogurts in my hands. She nodded her mouth keeping suspiciously silent. I tossed her the yogurt and got out two spoons. I slid the spoon across the counter so it stopped perfectly in front of my silent friend. Then I dug in to the yogurt. With a big gulp I stared at Sarah. She hadn’t touched a single thing. That was when I knew something was wrong.

“Are you alright, Sarah? Your awfully quiet.” I observed easily. Then she bursted with tears. They were trailing down her chin landing on her grey t-shirt when I pulled her into a friendly hug.

“Sarah what’s wrong?” I finally asked as her sobs subsided. She sniffled before answering.

“It’s about Robert.” Now I was really confused.

“Robert? What about him?”

“I saw him cheating with Emily Duskin. They were making out in the janitors closet. I found them right when they were kissing and getting into it.” She was sobbing again. Tears replaced old ones and I couldn’t bear to watch it. I grabbed her shoulders and straightened them for her.

“Listen and listen to me closely. You are not going to lose you dignity to that jerk. We are going to get back at him. Then, if you would, come with me to sneak into Cody’s house and do the business. You don’t even have to do the dirty work I’ll do that myself. You can be a look out.” I insisted. Surprisingly she nodded and started eating her yogurt. Suddenly, she stopped and nervously stared at me. She gulped.

“What do you have planned for Robert?” I gave a mischievous grin.

“Let’s just keep this…simple. Robert is going to get what he deserves, even if that means being embarrassed in front of his guy pals.” Sarah arched an eyebrow in curiosity. All I did was just smile and kept smiling. Oh this is going to be too good… I thought while running back up the stairs to my lair after Sarah left still in the dust.

I was creeping around the halls trying to avoid being smacked down when I finally caught sight of Robert and his ‘friends’ joking around of some lame joke. Ugh disgusting how he can have a lifetime worth of fun when my best friend is skipping school in agony from him. Yeah he is going to be sorry he ever laid an eye on her.

Slowly I walked towards them with my act in head. I made sure that day I wore something appealing towards Robert; a white tank top, short blue jean shorts, I even put time into making my brown curly hair was arranged just perfectly. I flipped my hair one more time before performing the best act I would ever do in my life.

“Hello Robert.” He stopped laughing with his dumb friends and stared at me with unfamiliarity. Then his eyes bulged. He must finally be sinking in my beauty. I smiled a dazzling smile before turning on seductive mode.

“So I heard you got caught cheating on Emily Duskin. What a shame to Sarah. She really likes you. Oh well.” I gave a girly giggle before purring out my next part of the act. “So now that she’s out of the way I was thinking maybe you and me could hangout. You know buddy hanging out.” I took a step closer to him so I could literally feel his breath on my sharp cheekbones.

“What do you say? You in?” without missing a beat he nodded. Poor little Robert, can’t have a spine when it comes to pretty girls asking him to hangout or should I say date.

“Perfect. How about after school? Meet me in the parking lot.” Then I turned around relieved of being free from his nasty smelly breath. Behind me I heard the guys slapping him on the back. Probably because he has yet again snagged yet another girl, but no he might be thinking he is on a role but when our ‘hangout’ is over his role had just been broken.

I was waiting in the parking lot leaning on Roberts’s sleek new blue convertible when the atmosphere around me suddenly got cooler. I opened my eyes completely at ease when I caught sight of Cody coming straight towards me with a smirk on his face. When he reached me I let out all the air I had been holding in when I saw him walking towards me.

“Ah, if it’s not the devil himself.” I said my words dripping with over enthusiasm. He bowed in a waiter’s way.

“Thank you I’ll have to come up with a nickname that suits you too.” I frowned. I didn’t like it when I try to diss him he always has a fresh new remark to throw at me. It was like throwing nice juicy bait in a lion’s cage.

“Well then why don’t you think about that and get back to me…later.” I was trying desperately to get rid of him before Robert comes out and if he sees me talking to Cody everything will be destroyed.

“My, my, Miss Harper you seem to be desperately trying to get rid of me.” Oh and did I mention I also hate how he puts my exact thoughts into words?

“Ick, don’t call me Miss Harper or anything else adult like. My name is Courtney and I have been living with it for eight teen years. I don’t plan on changing now.” He smiled putting up his hands signaling his innocence.

“Sorry, Courtney didn’t mean to offend you.” He said emphasizing on my name.

“Hey, Courtney what are you doing talking to the new kid.” Robert was arriving from football practice and was glaring at Cody for talking to me. My heart pounded like a thousand horses sprinting of their failure.

“Nothing important to get worried about. He was just striking up a conversation.” I said quite in a rush. Roberts’s eyes darkened.

“Oh. I forgot to say that I won’t be joining you this evening.” Everything was ruined all because of him, Cody. Robert swept passed me and opened the door to the driver seat. He turned on the ignition and sped away leaving a trail of dust.

“Someone is just a tad jealous.” Cody broke my train of thought of recovering from this mess. I glared at him.

“You spoiled jerk.” I hissed. “You have ruined everything. I was this close from dominating Robert Kingston until you came along.” All my anger was boiling out and there was no stopping it from there. “I was this close from saving my best friend from misery. You are the most self-centered person I have ever met. Now everything is falling because of you. Everything. It’s kind of freaky to think that you can destroy everything that is around you. If someone is in the way you just step on them bringing them down to complete and utter misery, but you wanna know what just exactly ticks me off? I really think I like you. That I’m falling for you! But now that is all over and I’m glad of it. No one can love you Cody, you…you…pathetic jerk!” I stormed off in a raid of hysteria.

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