Rainy Day 2

May 13, 2010
Relief pours over me like the rain outside. He says he’s my knight in shining armor. “So I’m one of those helpless princesses?” He laughs, and I laugh. “I guess so.” I smiles and he pulls me closer. I love the way his arms feel around my back and waist. His dark eyes enchant me. He is the early morning sun I’ve been longing for. He picked up my heart and broke my chains. He fixed it, and made it glow again. I wouldn’t take my heart back. I gave it to him instead. He gave me his. A heart for a heart. His is like mine, taped and glued back together. Imperfect and lopsided. He said he would love me forever. I feel the same. We are each other’s forever. But we are just friends…..best friends. Forever. Nothing will ever separate us….just friends. Friends that hold the keys to each other’s hearts. Friends that would jump off a cliff if it meant saving the other. My love for him is eternal. But we are just friends….just friends…

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