the remix of romeo and juliett

May 12, 2010
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Juliette a 16 year old girl with bright blue eyes with brown curly hair. Has a crush on one of the gardeners. Has been in a car wreck with a car she stole from her best friend. Has to eat cookiez'in'cream ice cream everyday or she will turn into a monster. Has to listen to the song live like you were dieing about once a week because its her favorite song ever

One day this girl named Juliette lived in a beautiful kingdom in a place called Verona Italy

One day Juliette was walking in her beautiful garden and saw someone that she never saw before, she just couldn't explain then her day dream was rudely interrupted by her mother then her mother said “Juliette hurry we must go now the kingdom is on fire we must hurry!!!” her mother said panicking. “JULIETTE NOW LETS GO BEFOR THE FIRE SPREDS TO US NOW LET'S GO!!!” but there was still one problem Juliette wouldn't move “JULIETT ARE YOU OK” her mother yelled. Just right then the beautiful kingdom exploded the flames came racing after them the next thing the beautiful gardener came after them to save take them to safety from the burning flames destroying there lovely kingdom.

When the rescuers finally came there was nothing left of the kingdom at all but the dust and ash not even the king was there the king couldn't make it to the safe house. So there were only 3 survivors Juliette the hot gardener and the mother. Juliette finally gets enough courage to ask the gardener his name he answers with a far out nice voice “romeo” then the queen gives a nice cough that makes him say his whole name “Romeo Montague. What is your name miss I'm sorry I never got to ask you?”
“oh my name is Juliette Capulet” she says blushing badly when they were finally able to leave, Juliette's mom said “We need food, water and shelter so we need to go to your relative house in the U.S in Hollywood California so we need to get moving now.”

In a taxi on there way to California the taxi breaks down in the middle of the highway. Stuck In Oklahoma. The three of them are on there way to a small town in the middle of no where that smells like cow's butt and manurer in ratty clothes make there journey to the small town 15 miles away.
They finally made it to there destination to the small town named Lamont Oklahoma. Just in time for dawn to set then they found a deserted building and stayed there for the night. In the middle of the night Juliette heard something eating something then she looked down at her dress to find that there were mice and rat's chewing it up. Then she let out a fright scream to wake up Romeo and her mother. Everyone of them stayed a wake to find a new dress they went to the back of the store to find the pretty dress in the whole wide world but she didn't want to were it, it made her look to much like a princess she wanted a regular shirt and jeans she wanted to look like a normal girl. “Okay Juliette let's go and wander around this place to help you find these clothes of yours.” Thirty minutes later they are still roaming all the abandoned houses and stores this town was small but there are a few people still living here when they found a small store they walked in and I was still open but they figured they could give it a shot these people were kind in this tiny tiny town.
“hello how may I help you” said this beautiful girl in a tan “BeBe” jacket they answered with a “hi well we are from a place out of this country and our house got burned down and we were trying to take a taxi that broke down in the middle of the highway and we walked 15 miles to gorgeous town and well we need clothes but with our house burning down we don't have any money I'm sorry but do you think you could help us.” Juliette's mother pleaded “help us please kind --- I'm sorry I didn't get your name?”Juliette questioned “oh sorry my name is Adrianna I never got yours either!”

“oh our names our Romeo, Juliette, and Lady Capulet. So Adrianna can you help us.”

“of coarse, well the men's section is over there and the womens is over there and Juliette you can come with me I know exactly what you need, and what your going through right now and you need a shower like really bad.”
when Juliette was done taking a shower she went down stairs and to find out her mom was dead wearing a white gown that looked almost like her moms she wore when she died …........ right then Adrianna came down stairs and said “oh my gosh.”
Juliette stared out the smalls store window wandering how this happened her mother was only 34 and didn't have any issues with any thing at all no gray hair nothing then Juliette felt a hand come and touch her shoulder that frightened her then Romeo whispered in the ear that said “it was the dress” in his sweet soled voice. “i examined it thoroughly and there was this poisonous powder that can go though someones body with in 3 seconds and can kill them after that so what I was thinking is we need to leave now you have your normal person clothes now lets go now! Before she tries to kill us or you.
Before they could think of an escape route Adrianna came up to them and asked “would you like some more clothing before you leave and Romeo answered with a fast “NO!!” “we do not want any of your poisoned clothing from you” “i mean you killed the queen of Italy how could you”
just at that point the police came in and asked if Romeo and Juliette were from around here and why there was a 34 year old woman on the floor dead and if all 3 of the kids could give an explanation of why they were there and why there was a dead woman on the floor considering it was Juliette's mother
right then Juliette was thinking why she had to give the dude an explanation it was her mom considering that the hadn't listened to her favorite song in like 3 days and hadn't eaten her favorite ice cream so she told the officer were they
rfrfffffwere from and what happened and how Romeo examined the dress and discovered there was a poisonous powder on it that could kill them and that they were sure that there was that poison on all of the clothes here, right then Adrianna told the police officer a total lie saying that Juliette killed there own mother and that she almost tried killing Romeo that got the police officer really mad that made him get out the out the lie director and both the girls tell there story again. Turns out that the police officer is Adrianna's dad so she got off the trouble train really fast just by saying I love you daddy in a sweet innocent voice so all 3 of the 16 year olds got to leave but don't be scared that Juliette will sue.
Then 4 days later Juliette and Romeo found a hotel that they would stay in.
back at the store Romeo stole from the cash register when Adriana was up stairs helping Juliette get ready for the long journey to Hollywood California
and all Juliette knew was that she didn't know how to get there and she was with the gut of her dreams. Just as they walk into the hotel the service attendant called a room for 287 and it was there room and it was FREE! But there was a catch to it they had to enter the hotel games for this free room and so they did to get this free room. But they had to win to get the prize of $100,000,000,000 thats enough money to be able to go back to Italy and rebuild the kingdom. So they entered the composition to win the money for Italy.
“Today is the day is the day of the hotel games and in the yellow we have a team from Italy and in the blue we have a team of our own the world class champions and have won this trophy 20 times in a row and have added in an extra $1,000 to the prize so that makes it $1,000,000,100,000 so lets see who's gonna win this huge butt trophy shall we” the announcer said rushed and worried “so in this first composition we have a quick check in go car wash and get ready get set and …..GO!!!!” as the people take off lets see who the hotel races are brought to you by” so the races are brought to you by the I Pod the fresh fruit store and the great net book selection so let see who is in the lead looks like the yellow team is in the lead and had a steady paste of moving with 14 cars down and spotless and 1 more car to go the get the advantage point and there is 10 more cars to go with our blue team looks like we are going to have a new winner” for the small town of Oklahoma.
“Okay its the last race of the year and looks like we have a new winner with the blue team winning only one sport and the yellow team is winning like 5 so its imposoble for the blue team to win this one so lets just cut it short here and say the yellow team won.” let's bring it down to Kaitlyn shale we.”
“And we shale Tristan so im going to ask the new champions what there going to do with all of this money.” “so what are you going to do with all of this money guys”

“well what were going to do with this money is get a plane and go back to Italy were we belong” and we need a car to go to get a plane and go there so we need to borrow a car and now stat.
On the way to the airport Romeo ask Juliette to marrie him and it made Juliette speechless then they feel a slight impact on there legs then the impact got bigger and bigger till the car came crushing in on them and killed them …........ they were in a car wreck

as the police arrived at the seine with the ambulances arrived Juliette and romeo were still in the car together and the ring was no where to be found when the cops came there was glass every where and no one knew what happened.
As the cops were going though the pockets of the 'people' to find some kind of identification of these to strange people.

When Juliette and Romeo arrived at the hospital and have test done on out of know where Juliette woke up not knowing who or were she was but have letters by bed bed trying to read them but she couldn't. When the nurse came in she was shocked that Juliette was actually awake but when Juliette tried to speak all that came out was “mudobukoklata” handing out the card that some one had written her the nurse took it and said hold on one second let me go get your doctor okay. Again all that came out was “muhojopo” as Juliette tried to speak all that came out was gibberish.

When the doctor came in her room Juliette tried to say hello but again came out “hygfjfjdk” and then the doctor said “Hello my name is doctor cloud. How are you.” then juliette tried to hand out the card's that she had got from people that she now didn't even know so when she handed out her card her doctor took it and started to read it.

Dear Juliette

I know you might not know me but im you great Aunt Sally and your disparateness has been a great tragedy to this family and we were really looking forward to you becoming queen of Italy because your mother died and it was a really hard time for you because every thing burned down. But this stuff happens right you get your way but then it comes back and bites you in the BUTT. Im writing this because I wanted to say that I love and miss you and you were the heart of the family. And I wanted to tell you that a couple weeks after your car actidedent your great uncle charley hung him self because he lost the only thing that mattered to him. You. :( it was veary sad to see im like that. If your reading this I guess ether that god gave you another chance or that you were just in shock and not breathing but ether way I bet you still saw the lords face. But any way I better get going to help arrange your uncles funeral so bye.

Written with lots of love

your great Aunt Sally
p.s we all love and miss you and you'll all ways be in our hearts” as the tears formed around the nurses and Juliette's eyes the doctor reached for the next letter... Juliette held her hand out almost as a stop sign to tell the doctor to STOP!!! and then the doctor set the 2nd letter down on the horrobaly panted bed side table to let juliette read the nice hand writen letter from her .grandma ma and grandpa pa only if juliette had a picture of her grandma ma and grandpa pa she might just might get her mimorie back but the cops took away her wallet
now to romeo romeo didnt have that bad of a case but it was still devistating he only suffered a broken arm and a few broses but thats it so when he was done with all the tests he walks to his room and picks up the note that read
I just wanted to say hi and I love you. Your father and I have been having a really rough time your father got fired and im pregnet again (after 8 kids) and we dont have any money to take out of our acount only 25 cents and that cant get us through to any thing but maybe like a gum ball machien but thats not enough for food and water and to pay the bills so I just wanted to give yoo a heads up we dont have a house any more and..... after that Romeo past away from heart failure with no warning.
Then slowley Julliet stoped breathing and died.

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