One with a Wolf (part 1)

May 11, 2010
The forest was usually quiet today, despite the sound of the leaves brushing against each other in the light wind. Along the path ahead of me my brother and his friends were running to the river. The little twigs under my feet brake with each step. Instead of feeling wild like the others, I feel calm and peaceful in my surroundings. When I reached the river I watch my brother and two other boys show off for the girls that sat on the rock by the water. My bother, Jayson, looks to me and waves for me to come. I shake my head and begin walking down towards the water fall that was not far away. With every step I take I feel more of a since that something follows. With no feeling of danger I do not stop to look around. The sound of the water fall begins to come into range and grow louder as I keep going. As I reach it I stop to sit on a rock that was like a diving board into the water. Regardless of the trees I could feel the sun’s warmth against my skin. Feeling relaxed, I laid there with my eyes closed for what felt like hours.
Near me a low growl came from out of no where. I slowly open my eyes to find a dark figure next to me. Out of shock a gasp escaped my lips and I lifted myself up. Staring straight at me was a full-grown, black dog. He was bigger than an average dog and his golden-brown eyes to stare into mine. My heart’s beating so fast and loud that I almost thought it was a drum. Too my surprise he began to lick my face. Out of relief, I let out a little giggle. This must have made the dog happy because moved closer to were he was almost completely on top of me. I put my hand out to move him away, but then found that he wouldn’t budge. I tried again and still he did not move away. Instead, he tried to get as close to me as possible. Because he kept coming closer, I ended up slowly lying back down. This sent chills all over my body.
“Christine!” my brother’s voice made me jolt. I looked and saw him and his friends in the water looking at me in confusion. Remembering about the dog I looked back at the furry creature. I saw annoyance in his eyes as he looked at them. In a flash, he gave me one last lick on the check and dashed into the woods.
“Christine! Are you alright?” Jayson was now at my side. “What were you thinking? How did you let a wolf get so close to you?”
“He was a wolf?” I asked softly. I looked down in embarrassment.
“Yes, a wolf! What’s with that look?”
“I thought he was a dog.”

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CrystalDE said...
May 22, 2010 at 10:09 pm
LOL He was a wolf? I thought he was a dog :D Your a great writer
TheSummoningFreak said...
May 21, 2010 at 12:13 pm
 love this i love me some wolf story's 8 stars
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