Best Friend

May 3, 2010
By shaniab SILVER, Hawthorne, California
shaniab SILVER, Hawthorne, California
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Do you love me? Her fingers so wet from the water comming from her brown eyes. She's staring at her phone for the replying text. Her room so dark, so no one can see her cry. She has her night light television and anything attracting her attention in the dark off. Her music is playing through her ear phones loudly to her brain, so it's hard for her to even think. After ten minutes she sits and she prays. Prayer after prayer to ask God the numerous questions about LOVE. She was only fifteen and was in love so bad she could roll herself into a ball and sleep in her boyfriends' heart. She grabs her diary and wrote herself to sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night she sees she has an unread message. It read "Yes I love you." Her heart trembled with happiness. She was so happy that she had found love. She turned over to go back to sleep with a huge smile on her face. Waking up happier than she had went to sleep she decided to text her boyfriend once more. "GoodMoring." Was what she had sent. For some odd reason she wanted to ask again " Do you love me?" This time she sent the message with a smile of confidence and a since of she was going to face deja vu of the night before. Just knowing he was going to reply yes again she read, but this time a little differently. It read" Jessie baby you know I love you, if I didn't I wouldnt have kissed you at that party last saturday." She dropped her phone and dove across her bed hugging the newest bear he had baught her. She sobbed and cried and cried and sobbed for a few minutes. Her mother screams from downstairs "Im leaving to go to work, lets go." She still had layed there on her bed not budging at all. Her mother then walks in her room and says " Cecilia, come on now I can't be late for work." She got her bag and ran downstairs into the car. Her mother had ran after her asking what was wrong, was she crying, and what was going on. Cecilia had ignored her the entire ride to school. She gave no contact and no body language or gesture to imply that it was the time to ask what was wrong. Before leaving out the car to school her mother grabs the strap to her bag making it hard for her to leave and asks,"what's worng." Cecilia only tried to snatch away and say "nothing." Not realizing that her mother was stronger she turned around to face that she was no closer to the school than she was facing her mom, so she gave in with a a bargain. She said, " I promise i will tell you after school if you let me leave right now." Her mother let her go because she was in no place to lose the bond that they had just got back. Cecilia storms into the hallway doors dripping wet from all the rain outside. There she stood, long black drinched coat with a red colred blouse, nice blue jeans and a pair of rain boots. Her hair was so messed up by the rain that you couldn't see her face that was covered in black masscara and eye liner. Her maked was a mess and so was her thoughts. She power walked with her fist at her side through the hall way until she reached her best friend since from six years agao... Jessie. Jessie stood at her locker with very big hoops, a nice jacket, some very nice pants,and some black Ugg boots. Cecilia slammed Jessies locker shut and began furiosly "Did you kiss my boyfriend?" Jessie replied with a giggle, "No." Cecila had took a breath in and right before she could exhale Jessie had finished with, "No, we didn't JUST kiss, we did MORE." Cecilia couldn't take no more of any of the words comming out of Jessies mouth. She began screaming " What?, why? what do you mean ?" Jessie had rolled her eyes and smacked her lips while saying " You were out of town he wanted some special treatment and from what i heard you wanted to wait until marriage." Cecilia couldn't process all that she was hearing. She ran and she ran and she was stopped by something so big. It was a person she didn't know who this was and she never seen him before, but he hugged her and told her that he saw the whole thing and that she could cry on his shoulder. He looked down at her, and said " Even though you didn't let me take you to junior prom, the valentine's dance, and you wouldn't be my Valentine I never gave up. Even after all the crumpled letters I found in the trashcan that i had given you I still wrote to you. It was until today and right now that I realized "It takes time for good things to come to part, and it takes very bad things to make them seem much more appreciating."

The author's comments:
Iwrote this from my heart and experience.

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on Jun. 13 2010 at 2:09 pm
pencilsFORhands SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
8 articles 10 photos 86 comments
that was sweet and cool.... similar thign happened to mi friend... i am 14 and am a writer.... it wuld mean so much if u cehcked owt mi stuff :-)

shaniab SILVER said...
on May. 13 2010 at 9:04 pm
shaniab SILVER, Hawthorne, California
9 articles 0 photos 13 comments
Thank you I appreciate your pos. comment

on May. 13 2010 at 9:25 am
LovelyMiss GOLD, Floresville, Texas
11 articles 0 photos 124 comments
Omg that was so cute i just loved it and messed up  in some parts becuase what that dude did


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