Teenage Love Story

May 6, 2010
By Anonymous

“…They’ve got all the right moves in all the right places…ooh we‘re going down..”

Diana’s Ipod, a combined birthday present from her friends at school, whined for attention inside the pocket of her serving gown until she reluctantly clicked the “off” button. Quickly, she stuffed her earphones away, silencing the voice that had so evenly matched her thoughts. The lyrics of the song remained etched in her mind as she silently trod around the elegant dining hall, feeling like a nobody in a house full of snobby English aristocracy.

“Hey, servant girl, bring that wine here!” Heiress Loretta’s husband bellowed.

Hesitantly, Diana went to fill Mr. Dunbar’s glass.

“Hurry up, wench.” Sir Peter or Mr. Dunbar, begin to then tell one of his crummy jokes which was laughed at politely by the other members of his family and friends. I must have heard that one ten times so far, thought Diana, sighing to herself. When am I gonna get out of this s**t hole? She thought to herself, as she dragged herself to the kitchen to fetch dessert.

As she wheeled in the pecan pie on a cart, Diana’s heart stopped. Sitting a few seats away from Mrs. Dunbar was the most gorgeous human being she had ever witnessed. His skin was the bronze of gold and his hair was dark, cut short. His lips were perfectly designed on his finely structured face. But his eyes caught Diana by surprise. They were deep intriguing pools of olive green which sung a song of longing for something forbidden. Diana walked steadily to where he sat and hands trembling, offered him a slice of pie. He accepted it, dimples transcending on his godly face. All Diana could do was stop and stare until Mr. Dunbar’s impatience grew to its peak.

“Wench! Get to it now!”

Diana blushed, embarrassed but the fellow kept smiling at her as she continued to complete her rounds.

Diana soon realized that the guy had come with his family and if her memory recalled correctly, this family had never entered the Dunbar mansion. They must be new friends, Diana thought. Little did she know that the new family were more than just friends.

A grin appeared on Mr. Dunbar’s face as he took the hand of his wife who sat on his right and the hand of his spoiled rotten daughter Amelia, who sat on his left. “Loretta and I have discussed the arrangement between Amelia and Edward and we agree.” Mr. Dunbar prompted, “Amelia is quite happy with the decision. The two will be wed before Christmas.” Suddenly, Edward’s face turned green and he asked to be excused. He rushed into what he thought was the bathroom, but was really the kitchen. Diana was dismissed and left for the kitchen, unaware that Edward was also there. She glanced quickly at Amelia before she left, and noticed the complacent smile that was etched on the bride-to-be’s face. Diana snorted. She felt Edward’s pain. Amelia was a blonde, prissy brat who got everything she wanted just by squealing and complaining to her daddy. Mr. Dunbar was a sucker for his “little girl.

As Diana entered the kitchen, she hummed a song she remembered her mother singing to her when she was younger. “Baby you’re a rich man. Baby you’re a rich man. Baby you’re a rich man, too. You keep all your money in a big brown bag inside a zoo!” She sang merrily as she untied her hair and let her long brown curly locks hang loose and shake with the beat. Edward, who had felt as if he was going to puke, was standing by the sink and couldn’t help himself but smiling upon noticing her.
“You like the Beatles?“ he asked Diana.

Startled, Diana jumped and turned around.
“Geesh! You scared me.” she said as her eyes traveled up to Edward’s eyes as she finally noticed who she was talking to.

Edward laughed openly, thinking her hair looked nice down.

Instead of being stupefied Diana was angry and did not care of Edward was some high class and important member of society, not to mention extremely good-looking. Who did he think he was marching in during her moment of privacy? After all, she only sang when she was alone.
“The song is… it’s personal.” she said to Edward’s dismay. She did not want to tell him that it was one of his mother’s favorite songs and that she had passed away when Diana was younger.

Edward wanted to know more about her, but remained polite.
“Okay. What’s your name?” he asked instead.

Diana was astonished. Why did he care to make friends with her? What about Amelia? Wasn’t he supposed to be getting to know her better?
“Diana.” she replied anyway.
“Edward. Pleasure to meet you.” he replied. With an innocent expression on his face he asked, “Are you part of the Dunbar family?”
“No. I just work for them. You should go. Everyone will be wondering where you are and worried about you.”
“Okay,” he complied, but stood there a few minutes longer watching her as she washed the dishes, arms crossed as he rested against the side of the counter.

She turned, noticing he had not left. Abruptly, he awoke from his reverie and dragged himself back to the dining hall where Amelia greeted him, a smug smile on her face.

Later that night, Diana crept silently to the computer room. It was dead midnight and Mr. Dunbar’s snores could be heard throughout the huge mansion. Quickly, Diana shut the door, and logged on, using Amelia’s password, which she had smuggled from Amelia’s diary when Amelia was away at the local community college during the daytime- Amelia wasn’t smart enough to attend any of the better schools although her parents were rolling in dough. “EddieluvsAmi4ever” Diana typed in, as she waited for the screen to appear. She noticed she had a new friend request on face book. “Edward Knight.” it read. She was surprised. It was the guy from dinner, Amelia’s soon to be husband. She accepted. Then she noticed he was online. “Hi.” the chat room window opened. “Hey.” she replied.
Edward: Watsup? Why are you up so late?”
Diana: How did you know how to find me? You don’t even know my last name!
Edward: I typed in Dunbar. Amelia said you live there too and you’re an orphan.
Diana: Ooo
Edward: You still didn’t answer my question?
Diana: Hey, yeah, this is the only time I can go on the computer. The Dunbars don’t let me use it.
Edward: That sucks. They sound pretty harsh.
Diana: [awkward pause]
Diana: Yeah, what do you know?
Edward: I’m just saying. You’re life could be so much better.
Diana: Like what.. In an orphanage? They don’t even give you enough food there.
Edward: Whatever. Where do you go to college? They atleast pay for your education, I presume.
Diana: No. I graduated high school. Now I help the maids clean all day.
Edward: Ooo
Diana: So…you fancy Amelia?
Edward: No.. my parents and Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar set us up. They see it as a good money-match.
Diana: I see
(That explains his green face, she thought)
Edward: We should hang out. Come to Byron Park tomorrow at 12 noon. It’s Saturday and I have no class. Tell the Dunbars you’re going for a walk.
Diana: I don’t finish chores til’ three
Edward: Fine three
Diana: I’ll see
Edward: Well, I have to go. I hear my dad coming. Bye!
Diana: Bye J

Diana felt feverish that night as she slept and couldn’t help but feel that she was breaking the rules. As much as she loathed the Dunbars, Edward seemed really nice and genuinely interested in her. In her heart, she wanted to go see him, but her mind told her it was not a wise decision.

The next morning, she completed the chores, as usual, whispering quietly of her afternoon plans to Samara, one of the maids.
“Di, be careful. You don’t know what kind of guy he is.” Samara asked.

But Diana did not care to listen to Samara’s anxious words and when she visited Edward she found him to be quite charming. He teased her and made her laugh so much that tears of joy erupted in her eyes. She felt she had never experienced so much happiness before.

Late in November, Diana approached Edward under the huge oak tree, their customary meeting place. They had been seeing each other secretly for weeks. Edward lied, telling his parents he was spending time with Amelia, and the Dunbars could hardly care what Diana was up to once she had completed her chores. They would usually meet on weekends, because Edward attended college during the weekdays and didn’t come home until Friday night. Monday through Friday they would chat online. There relationship was growing stronger. Diana knew she was in love with Edward, but wondered if he felt the same way. She wondered if it was to futile to dream of a future with him as the brisk November wind suddenly shook reality into her fragile form.

Edward approached her and took her hands in his. She was surprised. They usually just sat and talked or walked around. But tonight he stared deeply into her muddy brown eyes, pushing a lock of her hair away. He stared at her affectionately as she stood there feeling like her heart was going to explode. “Edward..” she began.

But it was too late. Under the moonlight, Mr. Dunbar’s ruddy face appeared. They had been caught. Edward held onto Diana tighter, overprotective of her.
“Edward.. Let go of me!” Diana yelled, as she ran quickly back in the direction of the mansion. As she ran, she could not hold down a flood of tears. The wind lashed against her, but her feet kept pounding until arrived at the servant’s quarters and finally she flung herself onto her cot, where she lay, drowning in shame, sobbing. Samara, who she shared a room with, did not ask what was wrong, but simply sat aside her, petting her hair and letting her be.

She was scolded by Mr. Dunbar and was forbidden from leaving the house and seeing Edward. If she broke this rule, she would be kicked out of the mansion. Amelia shot dirty looks at Diana every time she was around, and complained to her friends that “the serving girl is a good for nothing s**t.”

Diana felt like her heart was broken into a million pieces and needed time to heal. She did not want to see or speak to Edward again. I have to protect myself from now on, she thought as she simultaneously washed the windows and listened to her I-pod.

“It don't matter what you see.
I know I could never be
Someone that'll look like you.
It don't matter what you say,
I know I could never face
someone that could sound like you.”

Miles away at the University of London, Edward walked to his next class with a heavy heart and a solemn expression on his face, listening, as well, to his I-pod, to the same song.

“Do you think I'm special?
Do you think I'm nice?
Am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?
Between the noise you hear
And the sound you like
Are we just sinking in an ocean of faces?

It can be possible that rain can fall,
Only when it's over our heads
The sun is shining everyday, but it's far away
Over the world is death.”

Exactly a month passed in which at times Edward found it impossible to live without Diana. Amelia was a constant pain, and whined to Edward on a daily basis about her wedding dress, hair stylist and a number of other things.

The day of the wedding arrived at last. Tons of people were there, dressed in their best suits and gowns, not as nearly as expensive as Amelia’s.

Diana, who was to be the flower girl, was dressed in one of Amelia’s old dresses. The pastel pink of the dress brought out Diana’s tanned skin. She brushed her curly brown hair and wore a little eyeliner. The makeup hid her tears. She had been crying last night, thinking of Edward.
“You look lovely.” Samara assured her.
“Thank you.” Diana responded.

As the clock struck noon, Amelia walked down the aisle, accompanied by her father. She smiled at Edward who smiled politely back. Diana barely listened to the vow, but stared at Amelia, a beautiful tall blonde model. She was so lucky, so blessed.
Edward glanced away from Amelia, and caught Diana’s eye.
All of the sudden, “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!“ the fire alarm sounded.
Friends and family members rushed for the exits, but Edward ran towards Diana.
He took her hand tightly in his, and pulled her to the nearest exit, where his motorcycle was stationed.
“Thanks, man” he slapped high-fives with Pedro, the church janitor.

Then he pulled Diana up onto the bike. She did not fight him but her eyes were full of question. He sat down behind her and finally whispered “I love you.” into her ears. He revved the engine and they disappeared in a puff of smoke.

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This article has 3 comments.

on Oct. 3 2010 at 8:32 pm
KeepReading BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
4 articles 13 photos 19 comments

Favorite Quote:
“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”
―Dr. Seuss

I really liked it! It did go a little fast, I just didn't want it to end!!!

M.S.S. GOLD said...
on Jun. 4 2010 at 5:33 pm
M.S.S. GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
11 articles 0 photos 46 comments

Favorite Quote:
"WACKADOO!!!" "You made a funny!" "Red Seven! Red Seven!! Red Seh-ven-a!!!" "Swaaaaag!!!!" "Ratchet" "God Said No" "God Said Yes"

looooooved it!!! Edward was so down-to-earth and it was great how they just rode off "in a puff of smoke"

on May. 16 2010 at 1:19 am
TheReader SILVER, Avon, Colorado
8 articles 0 photos 42 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Go for whatever you want, even if your friends aren't backing you up. "

That was sooo aorable. It was rushed in some parts, but I loved it!


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