An Unforgettable Summer

April 13, 2010
Summer was almost over and it had been such a bore. Apart from spending time tanning by the poolside, all I have done was sleep and play a bit of soccer here and there. It was supposed to be the best vacation considering I had just turned eighteen, and I was going to have a fresh start in college. It was a huge step, but I was ready to conquer the world. But anyway, back to the dreadful sun that pours upon us in the desert, with three weeks left until the moving truck came, I felt like such a furl, it was like I didn’t go all out and enjoy myself before I had to get education.

This day was different though, mom and I were going to have dinner together which was a nice change. This is where she decided to drop the bomb on me. She had bought me a ticket to go with my older sister in Colorado. All I could think of was ‘Great transfer me from one boringly hot place to another boringly place with a boring sister.’ Now don’t get me wrong, but my sister, Lucy, was such a wild person back in her day, but ever since she had started her own business (a bakery by the way) she had done nothing besides work and slave herself into her job. Of course I didn’t tell my mom my true feelings. I just thanked her and lied about not being able to wait to get home and pack for my one week in the ‘wonderful’ Colorado. The next day was Monday and I was going to leave that night, it was pretty rushed, I packed everything I could think of. As I said my goodbyes to my mom, she told me the ticket was around trip, and that I could use it to return in any moment from the day I arrive to a month later. I obviously knew that I would return as soon as the week was over.

I arrived to the airport late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, my sister could not be more thrilled. We didn’t speak much on the ride home, but it was very late so it was perfectly fine. The next day when I woke up, I could not believe how little attention I had paid to my sister’s home. It was a very beautiful home. As I stepped into the kitchen, I found a note from my sister saying she was going to come back that afternoon, but that I was welcome to use her car and meet her at the bakery. I decided to get ready and stop by her business. What I didn’t know was that I was going to walk into the love of my life. I stopped by and greeted Lucy, and then I saw him, the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on, the delivery boy! He caught me staring and smiled, the most beautiful smile. I automatically had to know who he was, I asked Lucy and she said he delivered for a couple of stores around the neighborhood, while in the afternoon he went to school to become a chef. My sister thought that it was cute that I had found him attractive, so she brought him over and introduced him, his name was Chad. After the short introduction, he had to return back to work, but before he did, he asked me for my number. I hadn’t dated many guys, but this just seemed very different and exotic. That afternoon I got a phone call from the delivery boy, Chad. I felt really happy that he called, but I got even more excited when he asked me to go to the movies with him.

As time got closer to him picking me up, I didn’t know what to wear. I had already changed my outfit several times, in the end I ended up something simple. I ended up wearing some denim jeans, wedges, and a white sleeveless shirt. Chad came to pick me up, and as he came through the door, he promised Lucy that he would take care of me, and that he would have me home before midnight. As he walked me to his nice car, he opened the car door, like an absolute gentleman. On our way to the theatre, we were talking about what my occupation was going to be. We talked a bit more, and then a couple of minutes late, we were already at the parking lot theatre. He opened the door, and as soon as he locked his car, he came close by to me and held my hand. We walked into the theatre, and it was very silent and rarely any people. We watched a romance movie, and we thought the movie was short, but it was a great movie after all. As we head home, he asks me when I’m going to go back to Los Angeles. I thought about it at that moment, and I said that in a few more weeks. My mom said the ticket works for a whole month, so it would be worth staying in Colorado for a couple weeks.

The weeks went by fast, and me and Chad tried to hang out as much as we could. My last day was tomorrow, and we had decided to go out for dinner tonight. We went to a very fancy and elegant place, it was such a beautiful restaurant. We ordered our food, talked, giggled, and kissed. He told me that night that he was in love with me, and of course I can’t deny it, I’m also completely in love with him. Chad told me that I shouldn’t leave, but I have no other choice. We headed home, and he kissed me right by the door, and he told me he would drop by tomorrow, so we can say our goodbyes. The next morning I woke up, Chad was by my bed with some flowers and breakfast. I ate breakfast quickly and got dressed. Chad told me that he would be taking me to the airport. My flight was leaving at noon, and I couldn’t miss it. Lucy was at the bakery, and we headed towards the bakery so that I could say goodbye to her, and thank her for letting me stay at her house. Considering Chad is such a generous and amazing guy. We both decided to keep a long distance relationship. I had never met anyone like him, he was different than most guys, he was the perfect boyfriend.

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Sarbear This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 7, 2010 at 7:52 pm
this is wonderful... i like how it is writen and i enjoyed reading it... great job.
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