a hunters knight

April 11, 2010
By Krymson BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Krymson BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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war doesn't determine who's right, war determines who's left

Sitting on one of the quite large balancing beams in our personal training room , watching Hasson punch half heartedly at the brand new punching bag leelayn had just bought a few weeks ago. It wasn't the most relaxing thing i could be doing but ever since Calder had been making as work extra hard on defeating all the big bad in our smal town, and occasionally other towns- i've come down here to get away from his constant nagging of how much harder we should train. all of us slayers have pretty much found a safe haven away from the agonizing scolding from our leader, and i use the word leader very lightly. My safe haven would have to be my room-but then again Calder would look for me there- or right here in our under ground training facility, Hasson doesn't really have a safe haven i guess he is just always down here training so Calder doesn't have to yell at him for disobeying 'orders', and Leelayn's safe haven is at bars and sometimes random chicks houses.

"Hasson, it looks like your loosing your touch. i thought you would have had this bag broken by now with all the peices falling apart like the last one we bought." i voice held a slight hint of amusement so that Hasson knew i was just joking. Hasson and i had that type of friendship everybody wanted that 'i would kill anyone for you including myself' type of friendship which made us close almost like brother and sister.

"right. Like you could do better?" he challenged, stopping punching the bag and turned to me a small smirk appearing on his handsome face. You could see all of his prominent features from the way the light was reflecting lightly on him. His rugged and sweety filled golden blonde hair that reached alittle past his ear, the slight glow on his body from his tan skin, his vigorous iron grey eyes that made him seem unbreakable. His large muscles showing vividly in his rather large arms and abdomin, his veins showed through his skin at the moment from traing without a shirt on like he normally does. Even though hasson is a gorgeous muscled man , he isn't my type but he does know how to use his good looks to get what he wants. Although i love Hasson, he is like the brother i have always wanted, he is still a man w**** sleeping around with any girl he can get his muscled hands on.

"Was that a challenge?" i mocked his smirk putting an identical one on my pale face. his smirk grew wider as his iron eyes twinkled with a playful spark. with out much sound Hasson lunged at me from where my position was on the high balancing beam, taking me to the ground my back thudding agaist the soft material we put in the gym for just this kind of thing. He was ontop of me straddling my torso with a look of victory playing on his smug face. he thought he had won.

I arched my back up off the mats in a quick motion and flipped him over so that i was now on top in the dominant position. my arms went down and held his arms straight down on the mat. with a small laugh i looked at him with the same smuggness he held just moments ago. But just as i was about to let go he flipped me over his head throwing me off his body with a smooth move. He stood up and looked down at my body that was splayed across the floor from our little wrestling match that Hasson had obviously won-like always. Out of all of the slayers here he was the strongest at that is one of the most admirable things about him.

"okay enough sparring it's time to get to work on the plan for tonights hunt." Calder's voice boomed through out the large training room. Both Hasson and I stood up and turned to see Calder and we spotted Leelayn right beside him with a mocking smirk on his face.

The author's comments:
it's not finished i have more chapters to add but this is all my own

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