The Perfect Kiss

March 21, 2010
By DayyDreamer BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
DayyDreamer BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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You look at one another; each knowing what is going to happen next. You’re eyes meet, locked in time, neither wanting to look away. You smile; he returns the smile, sharing your same thought. You start leaning toward him, still looking into one another’s eyes. Three inches turns into two, into one, the final inch. Your eyes closed gradually, your breaths are becoming shorter, quicker as you feel the butterflies in your stomach fluttering about. Your lips finally meet his, just grazing them and as your lips barely touch, he catches your breath as you catch his. Your body, mind, heart, and soul are all overcome by the desire, the curiosity, the emotion. He presses his lips firmly on yours, though parting them gently. Your kiss is slow and your entire being feels the passion, the intensity, the calmness; most of all, the fire. As the kiss is coming to an end, you slowly pull away, lips moist and warm. His eyes are closed as well as yours as you take in the power of the kiss. One inch turns into two, into three. You try to catch your breath for you realize he has taken it. Your eyes flutter as you finally open them and the first thing you see is him, looking right into the depths of your eyes as a smile creeps onto his face. You return the smile and you both know you have just shared the perfect kiss.

The author's comments:
I have not experienced this myself. When I shared this with my mom she explained to me that this kind of kiss happened the first time she kissed my father, whom she has been happiliy married to for twenty five years. She knew he was the one when they shared this kiss.

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