Fate: Chapter Three - Introduction Pt.4

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Ian never called. But I always kept my phone right beside me just in case he would. Unfortunately I already knew he wouldn’t, he had taken every word I’d told him seriously. Besides, I don’t think I was completely ready to talk to him just yet, little did I know I would never get the chance.

As usual I was moping around the house with a lot on my mind. I had never been in a more confused situation in my life. I know I might sound like a completely wimp to other people but I don’t think they would understand why this is so hard for me. Just a few days ago Ian was my life, now I’m not so sure anymore. What am I suppose to do with myself now that I have no life?

Nicole silently entered my bedroom with an excited gleam in her eye.

“Hey.” I said softly.

“Hi.” She came over to sit next to me on my bed. For awhile she just stared at me pathetically, like she truly felt sorry for me. It made me feel awkward, she shouldn’t have to feel bad for me, it just wasn’t right.

“Would you stop looking at me like that?” I asked. She immediately turned her head away like she was embarrassed. I guess she hadn’t realized I’d know she’s been doing it.

“Sorry, it’s just…” She stopped to think about the right words to say and I gazed at her curiously. “It’s just that I can’t stand seeing you like this. It’s depressing Sam.”

“Well that pretty much sums up the way I feel right now Nicole.” I said annoyed. “But if it bothers you so much why’d you come in here in the first place?”

“I don’t know,” She shrugged, “I guess I wanted to see what I could do to cheer you up a little bit.”

“And how do you intend to do that?” I inquired.

“I thought we could go to the mall or catch a movie or something. I know how much you’ve been dying to see that new Shia Labeouf movie.” She winked at me playfully and I couldn’t help from smiling. I mean who doesn’t love Shia Labeouf?

“Well there were these cute shoes I saw at the mall…”

“Great, the mall it is!” She grabbed my hand and led me out into the living room.

“Hold your horses!” I yelled. “Let me get my purse first.”

“Oh right.” She giggled. “I’ll get mine too.”

After we had both obtained our bags Nicole and I decided to walk to the mall. This was one of those times I truly wished I had a car. The shoes Penny gave me for Kate’s party had given me huge blisters and they still really hurt and walking doesn’t help ease the pain of sores if you know what I mean.

It was a humid day and I let out a sigh of relief when we opened the doors to the mall and a cool wave of air hit me. Did I forget to mention that the guy who invented the air conditioner is my hero? Because he is! Sweat had been streaming down both me and Nicole’s faces the entire time so it’s safe to say by now we both looked like crap. Oh well, it wasn’t that big of a deal, although Nicole seemed to think otherwise. She rushed to the bathroom as soon as we stepped one foot into the mall and dragged me along with her. I was certain she must have spent a half-an hour putting on new mascara even though she swears on her life it was only five minutes. I touched my make-up up to but I simply but on some new foundation and rubbed the running eyeliner from my cheeks.

“Well that took forever.” I grumbled when she had finished zipping up her make-up bag.

“Oh hush up.” She teased.

We wandered around the mall aimlessly for an hour or so and tried on random clothes just for the heck of it. Well I should say Nicole did. I still wasn’t in that great of a mood and just stuck to giving her my opinion on the outfits she tried on. Eventually we made our way over to a small jewelry store where I had seen the cute earrings. Obviously a lot of other people had liked them too because they were all sold out. I sighed sadly and headed over to Nicole who was browsing a rack of beach themed jewelry.

“Hey Sam, look at these.” She said pointing at two matching ankle bracelets near the bottom row. They had a light tan colored string that wrapped around four white shells.

“Those are cool.” I said indifferently. I did actually like them but I just wasn’t in the mood for much enthusiasm.

“Well I’m getting them.” She picked them up and headed towards the cash register.

“Both of them?” I asked.

“Well duh! One for me, and one for you.”

“Oh. Well thanks, I guess. For buying them I mean.”

“It’s no big deal.” She said shrugging.

After she had bought them she put one on her ankle right there in the store and gave the other to me. Since she was doing it already I followed her actions and tied the string loosely above my right ankle. They were actually really adorable, especially since they were matching.

We then started walking around the mall again and I listened to Nicole talk, and talk, oh yeah and did I forget to point out she talked? Boy does that girl have a blabber mouth, but I didn’t care that much. Yes, most of her stories were pointless, but they were also amusing. And with her constantly running her mouth like a motor boat I didn’t have to put much effort into the conversation. Just listen. Now that was something I was good at, talking on the on the other hand is a completely different story. One that’s lengthy and embarrassing and I prefer not to go into too much depth about at the moment.

“I’m starving!” Nicole complained holding her stomach with her hands like she was cradling a baby. I guessed it was around one I the afternoon so her timing seemed right, but for some reason I wasn’t even the slightest bit hungry. I guess I just had too much on my mind…

“Alright, what do you want?” I asked. We both then changed into the direction of the food court.

“Taco Bell!” She said excited. She always was when whatever she was talking about involved food, especially food that was bad for you. I on the other hand wasn’t a big fan of the greasy stuff and made a fowl expression on my face and a gagging noise. “Oh yeah. That stuff makes you sick right? Well we can have something else.” She looked disappointed and I sighed.

“No it’s fine. I’ll just get a salad or something.” Delighted, she grinned and began pulling me through the mall until we stopped in front of the Taco Bell. The greasy smell filled the hair and I felt my stomach churn with disgust.

“I’m buying.” She said elatedly. She dug through her purse to find her wallet and pulled out a ten. “My treat!” I shrugged indifferently. It was nice that she was paying, after all I had just loaned her some money last weekend and still haven’t been paid back yet.

Since it was around lunch the line was long, but fortunately it moved fast. I guess that’s what happens when you buy your meat pre-maid. Nicole ordered this ultra mega grande’ taco thing that just from looking at it made me want to hurl my guts out all over the tiled area but it didn’t smell too bad so I just sucked it up. But I just ordered a caesar salad and a small water, much more sensible if you ask me.

Nicole took the tray of food and set it down at a two person table near a large window. It was an overcast day and not the most pleasant outside but I would much rather be out there than here. In nature I could relax, let my mind drift away and forget all my troubles. The mall just made them feel more real than ever.

Nicole practically inhaled her cholesterol platter while I hardly took a bite of my salad. I just tossed it around with my fork playfully and gazed around the food court. In a corner were some emo kids sneaking a pack of cigarettes, a couple of jocks and their friends being obnoxious and flicking food at each other from across the table and old man with an olive green fedora and an old woman with gray curly hair holding hands at a table while they shared their small sandwich. How cute, I guess maybe love can last a lifetime, as long as it’s with the right person…

I got angry with myself and stabbed a lettuce leaf with my fork and Nicole looked up curiously but said nothing. When I didn’t say anything either she returned to eating. I had thought about Ian, and how wrong I’d been… from now on I had to completely forget about him, no more Ian. Not now, not later, not ever. I know I said before that I wanted Ian to apologize and come back and at least be my friends again, but not anymore.

Nicole and I sat in silence as I watched her scarf down her food. I had shoved mine away. I had completely lost the appetite I never had. Eventually she finished and took her napkin to wipe the excess grease from around her mouth.

“I’ll take the tray.” I said flatly. I could tell from the expression in her eyes she knew why I was acting the way I did. She wouldn’t say anything though, she knew better.

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