First Sights :) Part 1

March 30, 2010
By CreativeGurlll SILVER, Marlborough, Massachusetts
CreativeGurlll SILVER, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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As Kristen sat there patting her favorite whale Kiko, at her parents sea resort her new baby whale swam up and cuddled to his mothers side. When Kristen got up and turned around her father Jim was standing there watching as Kiko and the baby swim away.
“Ah. I see Kiko has had her baby,” said Jim
“ Uh huh.”
“Have you named him yet?”
Wait, you mean I get to pick his name.”
“ I don’t see why not.”
“Thank you dad,” said Kristen jumping up and down and hugging him.
After her dad had made his way to the exit she also went to the exit so that she could go get suited up for the show that she got to perform today. When she was all suited up she went to the middle of the stage and grabbed a bucket of fish, which were to be the treats. She went back to the tank and feed some to Kiko. That’s when the first show ‘s audience entered and sat in the first two rows. In the first row was a couple of boys accompanied by what looked like their girlfriends. Except for one lonesome boy. He had thick short black hair, and was sort of tall. He looked like one of those Hollister or Aeropostile models. Just as she went to look away he caught her and held onto her gaze until she looked away and blushed. Then as the annoucer came on saying that the show would start in five minutes. She had a lot of prepping to do in only five minutes. She went into the back room and gathered hoops and balls. By the time she got out there they had released the big whale Damen.
“OK hello everyone my name is Kristen. Today’ s show involves our largest killer whale we have here. His name is Damen. He is about 3 tons and is roughly six years old. He is actually a very smart whale for his age. “
Then she began to climb onto a platform which was about 7 feet from the water level.
“OK. So lets begin.” She held out a fish and he came out of the water to grab it then he splashed down onto his side..
“This is his favorite fish, its Salmon.”
Then she did a couple more tricks and the whale began to be less obediant than normal.
“OK this last trick is kind of new . What is going to happen is that if i hold a fish away he will jump up and grab it and do u flip and land straight inside the ring.”
So she held the fish out and he jumped only she didn’t let the fish go and he pulled her down along with him. Everyone in the audience gasped and the teacher ran to get the owner. The students ran to the bottom floor to see if they could see her under the water. All except one student who decided to jump into the tank. He dove into it and began looking for her. He spotted her on the floor unconcious in a corner. He grabbed her began to swim towards the surface. When they reached the top everyone was still down below . He ran her to a flat surface an checked to see if se was breathing. He had to give her mouth to mouth resitation. After about five tries she began to spit out water and cough a lot. Then he helped her sit up. As her eyes began to focus she looked up to see the black hair Hollister boy holding her and trying to dry her off.
“Thank you,” she said her voice raspy.
“”Hey anytime. I’m Sean by the way.”
“Hmm. You smell good,” she said kind of weary.
“Yeah, I get that all the time,” he said laughing.
“Hmm.” She said then her head fell back and she was unconcious again.
“Hey Kristen are you ok?”
That’s when a bunch of the students and her dad ran up to them.
“Oh. Kristen. Is she ok.”
“Yes sir. She is ok she just kind of passed out.”
Thank... um..”
“Sean. Mansfield.”
“Thank you.”
Sean handed Kristen over to Jim and he joined his classmates who were checking him out and congratulating him.

The author's comments:
"I have always had a love for Killer whales and other marine life even though they are dangerous its all good."

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miley said...
on Sep. 29 2010 at 9:50 am
ok thank u very much

TuffGurl said...
on Sep. 27 2010 at 2:28 pm
sorry can't get through it. work on your dialogue, it's really choppy and the grammar is weird.

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