Love bites

March 7, 2010
By BriEzell33 SILVER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BriEzell33 SILVER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I'm running for my life.Screaming was not an option I had to save my life and others also.Running was my favorite option.Due to the fact that I hate violence.For violence was not the option in most cases.But the reason I cant turn around and fight.Because the one I must fight is the one I love.Trey was the one I was running from.For I am a bloodsucking leach.And for he is a vampire slayer and I a vampire.I run knowing full well he and I will never make a true family.Because I am a vixen when it comes to true love.So I had always hoped we could make love all eternity.But no he had to play the family card all over again.And so once again I fled,only to return to find out he is married with three kids.And he is a leach killer.As soon as I took one step on his porch,he appeared with his fourteen year old son and looked at me."Who in the world are you?"He asked stunned beyond belief."Trey I am your dear old friends daughter,Toddlia,"I stated flashing his son a dazzling smile.That stunned him briefly.He smiled weakly at me."You mean Bree?"He asked stunned.Only cause Ive been gone for fourteen years now.

Trey's family loved having me around.Well Trey did have some getting used to the fact that I am Bree's daughter.Trey and his son had a long chat before I could even move in.Only cause he volunteered that I could stay at his house."Now Colby you and I need to have a little chat about the birds and the bees,"he said angrily.(Yeah Trey and Bree's family engaged them to each other.But then I Bree was kidnapped for fourteen years and you want to hear the twist I am now one of them.But you are all wondering who they are.Well for starters we are what mortals would call us bloodsucking leaches or their nightmares while they sleep.The others and I are vampires that suck the crimson juices from everyone.Except for one special mortal,Castalia Angelika,she had a special gift,she can control us with her mind.Nah not really she was the first and only daughter of the very first vampire.Well I don't care about her that's why I killed her.And boy did her crimson juices taste oh so lovely.Just like Edward from Twilight says its not easy to always resist the wine.But then her blood didn't smell as good as Colby's does.I might just talk to him and see if he's willing to be a vampire to be my Sol mate.I look over at Colby talking to my once beloved Trey but maybe it was fate that I return for Colby and not Trey.

But then again,who knows maybe it was fate for what happened next.Colby and Trey went out to the store so I got down from my perch in their old oak tree.And went to help Catherine(Treys wife)with dinner.I walked in and right as I got two feet from her she cut her self and the blood spattered on Jake and Lloyd.My blue eyes flashed red and I dove at her.My teeth breaking into her frail skin.She soon lay dead on the ground with her little boys.I ran out fast.Trey and Colby had just walked in so I had to get out fast.I did go back and grab Colby I bit his neck hopping he would change fast.Because Trey was hot on our tail yelling get back hear.

Colby was driving my senses crazy.His rich blood poured from the spot were I had bit into his tan luscious skin.I was taking this cute boy to my Master so I could go hunt and keep a safe distance so I won't drink his appetizing crimson juices.I walked right up to Master.He spoils me cause I am technically his daughter."Master I bring you a new one to train,"I stated,handing him to the Master.Casi ran up to me.My red eyes made it known that I was ready for a hunting trip."Hey Toddle you want to go hunting with me and Brad?"She asked in a happy voice.I shot Master and Colby a rare but sad expression.(I have no emotion.)I nodded,and followed her."So who was the guy you brought in to Master,he's kinda cute?"She stated in a flirty-sh way,causing my eyes to flash a bright red.I turned around and began to choke her."Stay the freak away from him!"I yelled into her face dropping her instantly."I'll go hunt by my self,"I said tightly.Walking out into the cool night air made me feel so relieved.There was no trace of Colby's sent out here,I ran to the usual spot to drink some juices.I ran to the usual spot to drink some juices.I ran into a little girl."Um mam can you show me the way..."She didn't get to finish her question cause I drank her blood as fast as I could.Because I could smell Trey and his gang of Leach killers on their way to destroy me.But I was already gone.Running to warn the others.

I entered the castle and yelled."The humans come!"

Colby shot me dirty look with his brand new red orbs.Causing me to smile a dazzling smile at him.But he did not return it."Why so glum Colby dearest?"I asked in a seductive voice."You are such a blood sucking leach!You changed me into a stupid vampire!That's why I'm so mad!"He yelled face flushed with anger.I smiled sweetly at him."I changed you because I probably could not of controlled the blood lust,"I stated between clench teeth I could still smell some of his blood,coming from were they must have placed him,during his change.

I took like five steps back hoping to get away from the strong sent."Kaila go and clean up the juices,"my Mother said.Kalila and Li ran up the stares.Angel flitted over to my side."So Master are we to escape to the next place to be safe from the mortals?"She asked in a sing-song voice.Master and Mother looked at one another."If that is the case then yes we shall have to leave,Master stated through tight lips.A growl escaped Brads lips.We all turned to him."Brad..."Casi said looking at him."Why do we have to leave just cause of Li,Kalila,Castalia,and...."Enough!"Master yelled at him.Brad was in a huff over some thing so stupid.A smile adorned my face,"Brad dear why don't you and Casi leave firs?"I asked sweetly.He and Casi nodded and disappeared.I looked at Colby."Me and you will go and kill your father,"I stated dryly.He shook his head defiantly."Never in a million years,"he snapped bitterly.I walked over and placed my lips on his.He instinctively put his arms around me.I moaned into his mouth I licked his lips causing him to moan too.I pulled away with a smile plastered across my face."So you do love me?"I questioned happily.He nodded sharply.I realized me and him were the only ones Left of our clan."You ready?"I asked he nodded sadly.

As we moved stealthily through the woods.No men were seen."Do you think the others found them?"Colby asked worriedly.I shook my head."No Angel,Mother,and Master would have stopped them,"I said tightly.He nodded unsure still.I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a reassuring smile.He tried to return it.But before either of us could say a single word."There they are men fresh leaches and one is the Masters little girl,"It was a group of vampires who hated us."Hello what do you guys want?"I asked curiously,they looked at each other."Well little girl do we need to kill you for your impatience?"They asked evilly.

I gave them one dirty look,"No you don even need to try!" I yelled killing the one closest to me.After they all were dead I wrapped my arms around Colby."Are you OK love?"I asked in his ear.Colby kissed me on the lips and lowered me to the ground."Colby not now lets wait and make love another time,"I said kissing him. He looked at me with pure disappointment. "Dear I can not just settle down and have kids I am a vampire who finds that will be her weakness in these hard times," I cooed at him. His beautiful bronze orbs flashed red. "Colby dear where did the red in your eyes go?"I asked, confusion coloring my voice. He looked at me then shrugged his shoulders.

This was crazy, never in my entire life had I seen a vampire with bronze orbs. After only being changed about two hours ago. Colby looked me over,"Babe are you OK?" He asked. I nodded my head.

Colby and I were on the hunt.He still wasn't talking to me.Last night was the next step,to make sweet love.but I ran away from him I wasn't ready yet,I was still to young.But for some reason deep down I knew I wasn't.But as we moved the wind sweeping past us.My eyes scanning the area.Colby shot me a scowl from behind his bangs."So what are we going to do tonight.Miss.I'm to afraid of my own true love?!"He spat at me.I ran right past him using my special speed to guide me away from him."Hey get back here!"He yelled at me.I yelled over my shoulder,"No way your such a jerk Colby!"And right as I was about to turn the corner there stood the humans. Trey stood in the front holding a gun. He aimed and shot aiming right for me.

Before I could blink or breathe Colby was right in front of me taking the bullet in the heart.My breath hitched in my throat. A dry gasp came from him. And he fell to the ground. Two of the guys in the back grabbed him and chunked him the fire,one of the others started. Trey shot again, the bullet hit me in the hert,I fell to the ground dying. Trey picked me up and carried me to the flames and through me in. And thats how I died. In the arms of my love.

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