The Boy And the Song

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

There he was. He was sitting on the hood of his truck, leaning back against the windshield while strumming his guitar in loose fitted jeans, a soft, dark gray cotten t-shirt that seemed to hug his solid arms and abs, and tossled dark chocolate hair. He always wore the same thing, and he always smelled at soap. He had smelled of soap since he was six; it was something she had come to find comfort in. You see, they had been best friends since kindergarten, but over the past couple of years, well, since he had actually begun to grow up, she had come to love him.

However, she didn't want to put their friendship in jepardy and kept these growing feelings to herself. Sighing at this thought, she walked to his truck and smiled despite of herself. He saw her coming and smiled while ending the song he was playing to help her onto the hood. She flung her backpack through the open window and settled down beside him, soaking in the warm sun and melting into a daze. Josh, that was his name, Josh, had taken up his guitar agian and began to sing along.

She closed her eyes and listened to the lyrics. She soon realized she hadn't heard these words before. Soon, a story began to unfold. It was about a boy. A boy who had fallen in love with a girl that didn't notice him even though they were together everyday. He knew and loved everything about her, simply wishing that she would notice him. They lyrics seemed to flow so beautifully that she opened her eyes to watch Josh play; wondering if there was any emotion behind the words. As soon as she looked his way, their eyes met. His voice trailed off and he stopped playing. He reached up and craddled her face in his hands. "Emily," he whispered to her without breaking eye contacted. Her name. That was all he had to say and the sun was no longer the only thing making her melt. Slowly, he began to lean in, his hand still craddling her face, and kissed her softly; not wanting to scare her but dying to tell her how much he loved her. And she could feel it. She felt a tingle from her lips all the way down to her toes.

When the kiss had ended, Josh placed his forehead to hers. "I love you Emily. I always have," he whispered with a crooked grin on her face. His blue eyes sparkled in the sun's light. Entwining her fingers in his dark, curly hair, Emily gave him a goofy grin and pulled his face back to hers... giving him her response...

The author's comments:
I don't know what it is about a guy sitting on the hood of his truck with a guitar, but its a beautiful picture...

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