drEaM th-INk

March 13, 2010
I had this dream and i was me, but i wasn't me cause i was looking at me, but i felt like me but i really wasn't me, but i thought i was me and you came and you had a sword and you were chasing me with the sword in a hallway, which i thought was my hallway but it turned out be that other me's hallway cause i'm not me........but i feel like me,and you kept chasing me and i got sad you felt real bad and then i tried to high-5 you but you used your sword instead of your hand and i was all"hey that is SO cheating you chopped my hand off", and you said "Well its your dream make it yours" So i did and the sword became a flower and the hands grew back and we sat down had drank ovaltine together and talked about the good old days then i presented you with the flower, and you took it but then the words you began to say to me stopped making noise and all i could read of your lips was the word love. Then i woke up, Crying ALOT but smiling.

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