New Life( part 2)

March 21, 2010
By altimesmiles BRONZE, Highpoint, North Carolina
altimesmiles BRONZE, Highpoint, North Carolina
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It was the day of the feild trip and i was very excited. I did not know all the people in my class yet so I hanged with the people i knew. when we got there i sat at the end of the row and was sitting beside Taylor. I did not really pay atention to the game just talking to my new friends.
I already ate all the food I brought, and was still hungry. My friend Anna was getting fries from this guy she was sitting near. I did not remember seeing him in class but he was still with our group. I asked Anna to ask himm to give me a fry.
" Will can Shakira have a fry"
he picked one out and gave one to me. I thanked him and ate the fry slowly trying to save it.
I took a look at Will and was tring to figure out if was in the class the past 2 days but it did not come to me. I dont even rember him on the bus.
The following Monday our sits were changed in math class so now in front of me was Jake, and beside him was Chris. Beside me was Taylor, and at the end was Will. The teacher must have wanted all the smart kids at one table because i knew we all were.
It turns out that Will was really funny and i liked deing around him just so he could make me laugh. When i came to this new school i came at the end of the year but i knew i would be coming back next year.

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