Immortal love chapter 15

February 20, 2010
By idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
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I awoke up on top of Merger, like directly on top of him. My eyes widened as I blushed. I need to get off of him before he woke up. I pressed my hands into the mattress and pushed the op half of my body up to arms length. That woke Merger up. His eyes opened then widened at me on top of him. “Uh hi” he chuckled. “I didn’t – I mean I just woke up like th –“he cut me off. “Yeah I got it. No worries” he said. I nodded. My eyes caught his.
I hadn’t realized before but I was attracted to him. Even stronger then I was with Ludicrous. Merger’s arms slid around me. My eyes widened but I still didn’t move. Merger looked a little nervous. I gave up on holding myself up and let my arms cave down slowly so I was on top of him again. Our face’s centimeters apart. I was dying to lean into him and kiss him but I didn’t want to be the one to cave in. He looked so tempted. “Kiss me” I whispered flirtatiously. That was all it took.
He kissed me gently for a few seconds then let go. My eyes widened at how wonderful it was. I leaned down and kissed him again. His arms tightened around me. What the heck was I doing? He’s three years older then me. At least with Ludicrous he was my age. I was making out with a guy on his third year of collage……but……I didn’t want to pull away. Neither did Merger. The adrenaline kicked in as Merger slid his hands down to my hips. I could taste his fangs on my tongue doubling the adrenaline. His lips moved more furiously against mine.
Merger began to explore my body. His hands slid down to my thighs and tugged a little. I guessed he wanted me closer so I did as he wanted. His hands slid back to my hips the up my curves to my breast. He nervously moved his hands back around my back. I pulled closer to him. He really liked that by the way he responded. He moaned happily.
Someone knocked on the door. Merger let go of me for a few seconds to call “What?” angrily. His lips met mine again. “Can I come in?” a soft voice asked. It was Holly. I hissed breaking my lips from Merger’s. Merger murmured something under his breath in some language I didn’t understand. “No. Go away” Merger hissed pulling me closer to him. Holly began to open the door. I hissed louder making sure she heard it. She knew it was me. “So you’re with that ho now” Holly hissed opening the door. I moved from Merger quickly jumping off the bed and grabbing my swords. Holly jumped at my quickness. I aimed my sword at her. “Merger wants you to leave” I hissed with a devil look on my face. She looked like she was about to leave when Merger touched my shoulder. I held my ground. “Relax Sapphire” he whispered. He kissed my neck. I angrily stuffed my sword into its case.
“Holly you should go” Merger said. Holly glared at me. “Merger wants you to leave” I hissed. She glared at me then softened her look as she looked at Merger. “It wasn’t me Merger. She’s lying to you” Holly said. “You son of a –“Merger cover my mouth. I groaned under his hand. “Why would she do that?” Merger asked angrily. “Because she wants to have two men” Holly said. “You little ho beg” I hissed under Merger’s hand. She defiantly heard that. “No you’re a wh**e. You’re engaged aren’t you?” Holly hissed I pushed Merger’s hand from my mouth. “The weddings off since you were in bed with my fiancé you little sl*t” I hissed. “Not only did you hurt me but you hurt Merger as well. Why would I come in here, threaten to kill my ex-fiancé and tell Merger that you were in be with my ex-fiancé?” Holly hesitated at saying something. “Get out of here” I hissed. Merger glared at Holly. Holly hissed and left the room with a slam.
Merger spun me around. “You really did see Ludicrous and Holly” he asked. “Merger why would I lie to you? Were friends aren’t we? Well I’m not sure what we are right now actually” I said with a little giggle as I finished. He smiled. “You can trust me” I whispered. “It hurts that you questioned me about Ludicrous and Holly. I’m not a sl*t Merger. I wouldn’t hurt you that way. It would hurt me to much.” He nodded. “I’m sorry” he whispered taking my face in his hands. “It’s alright” I whispered. He dropped one of his hands so he could slide his arm around me and pull me against him. “I trust you” he whispered. I smiled.
Merger picked me up like a child and carried me over to the bed. I continued to smile. I wanted him so badly right now. I could still taste the adrenaline he gave me. I was dying to kiss him again. I could wait any longer. The second he set me down on the bed I kissed him. His arms automatically slid around me. He fell down against the bed pulling me on top of him. I couldn’t be happier then I felt right there. I wanted to be in his arms forever but sadly that wasn’t the case. I still had to deal with Head Master Stone and the Immortal council. Even more sadly I had to deal with Ludicrous and Holly. Even more sadly I have to deal with the wedding. Even more sadly then that I only had another 10 minutes with Merger’s lips against mine before we were interrupted again by the devil himself. Head Master Stone.

The author's comments:
hi it's idcwhatcoloritis. I hope you like immortal love. If you really like my work then check out my quizilla account, same name, idcwhatcoloritis. Read shanna's secret, that's the one i'm currently getting ready to publish, but if you want to wait for the book to come out with hte newly added chapters that's cool too but seriously read it. You won't regret.
Peace from idcwhatcoloritis a.k.a. Victoria

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