Most Handsome

February 19, 2010
He reminds me of a blue rose.His hair is brown chestnut and sometimes styled with gel. His eyes are a pretty blue/green but you only notice if you really close to him. His face structure is solid with his manly features coming into place. His body is gorgeous from his shoulders to his feet. The muscles in his arms are well built but not overdone. His physique is kept in well shape with the many sports he competes in. His legs may not be the strongest but he has something worth looking at. His clothing technique is wonderful. Even with just a shirt and jeans on he makes it look great. Today, this very Friday, he’s wearing a gray tight shirt that reveals the cuts in his arms and the abs hidden underneath. His jeans create a curve in the back to reveal one of the many things that attracts me to him. His shoes are always in style matching the lettering on his shirt or the accessory he adds. Today he added a cap with a blue top and red bill. I stare at him and notice every detail. He only talks to others that he knows and let him be himself. With others, he is definitely shy because his inner self can not be distributed amongst others due to his status quo. I remember the time his under shirt that he wore under his football jersey was torn, and just like any smart person would do, he sewed it back together. At first I found that very awkward because “jocks” usually don’t sew things. I sit here wanting to say how much I like him not only because of his physical attractions which make of 45 percent of him but the 55 percent of his personality. He’s a dedicated athlete to whatever he does and relates to me with his quiet side which many people don’t seem to notice when they look at him as a football star, basketball player, and power lifter. With the so many things I keep hidden there is only one reason why I don’t say them. Well……he has a girlfriend. Though I feel bad about it, I honestly don’t because she isn’t his type. I can tell when they walk together. While he remains low and hidden, she prefers to be jumpy and happy. But if we went by the status quo, he’s a football player and she’s the cheerleader, not a bad combination. So right now, I sit here looking to the left and see him sit there with nothing to do but be on the computer. Nothing to do but watch him and wonder…

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starlight26:) said...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 11:07 am
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