Dependence, Part One

February 20, 2010
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In a mysterious meadow which was in the middle of everything yet away from anything were two young people, both of whom were away from absolutely everything but each other. One had flowing black hair down to her waistline, and a mesmerizing blue tint in her eyes. Wrapped tightly around her arms, and wrapping her in his, was a young man, He was taller then her, yet they were born on the same exact year, and on the same exact day. Clearly, he had no relation to her though; it was simply a strange coincidence. Atop his head was a scruffy head of blonde hair, combed down. Had it been anymore plain or dull, it could end up being unique just by reaching a new level of simplicity and normality. However, this dullness was eradicated by his green eyes, which were just a little too bright at times to be as average as his hair.

The two lovers held each other closer, feeling the pulsating of the others heart, granting and receiving warmth to combat the cold night. During these moments within another, they both came to experience what it is like to love and be loved. She held onto him not only because she needed him, but because she knew that he needed her. They depended on one another’s happiness; to know that the other was satisfied was the same as being content themselves. In their minds, they both knew this to be the true meaning of love, in this moment of time their lives were completely intertwined into a single existence. Had one suddenly died, the other would follow by the same cause. And if they were unlucky enough to live, they most certainly would have committed suicide.

They squeezed each other for the longest of times, both in silence. No noise was needed to express the feeling that they both felt deeply inside them. All that either needed was the reassuring sound of the others breathe. But of course, speech is still a very good tool in which to ask a question. And the boy longed to hear the girl’s sweet voice again.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

She lay silent, her head pressed now in his chest. After awhile, she had come up with a rather predictable answer. “Well,” She tried hard not to sound too corny, “I guess that I do now.”

Now it was her turn to ask a question, but she preferred to embrace his being more. She trembled in his arms as a rather cold wind passed by the two of them, blowing her hair and black skirt. His loose T-Shirt flapped a little in the wind, and she could tell that he was getting a little cold too, yet he stayed still and held her to keep her warm.

“How long did it take you to know that you loved me?” the words were soft, but not quite a whisper as they left her eager lips. “I have loved you since before my eyes ever saw you, since before I ever heard your voice. You are the perfect model of a human being, you are the dream that I have known forever in my mind. The moment I saw you, I was certain that you are the one person on this planet that deserved my love, even if I don’t deserve a drop of yours.” A tear was brought to her; she knew that those words could come from no other then the person she was meant to be with, forever. Yet she knew the words to be untrue to some extent, and she must correct them.

“No, you deserve every inch of me. You deserve my lips and you deserve all the love I could or could not give to you. You deserve every moment of my life that I have left, and you deserve far more then me. You deserve it, just because you are you. You deserve it just because you are here for me, and because I know you always will be.”

“Let’s promise that,” He said simply.

“We both promise that, from this day forwards, we will always be there for each other and we will always be able to help. We will be able to fix anything that happens just because we love each other, just because we know that the other has an affection far more complex and guarding then any labyrinth or shield. We promise never to leave, no matter how tough life gets, or how hard something seems..”

“It’s a promise.” She said. He let his arms drip down to her waist so that she could have room to back up just a little, and they sealed the promise with their first kiss.

For the first time, she felt what it was like to have her lips touched by another; she felt what it was like to be pleasuring someone else to this extent, simply because she loved them, simply because she could not live without that person’s happiness. And he felt the exact same thing, he felt what it was like to kiss another because they were kissing him, he felt what it was like to give and receive a pleasure that was nothing but love. He was massaging her lips with his own in order to pleasure her, and she was doing the exact same to him. Because she loves him, because he loved her. Because they were both a single mind, because they needed each other to properly live.

She felt a strange emptiness in her stomach, but it wasn’t the normal terror to be expected when speaking in terms of turning stomachs, it was a strange feeling that she felt coming on as they hugged. It was an emptiness that was not simply emptiness, but an empty element that was both nothing and what could feel like a bag filled with fluff of many sorts. Of a strange hot brought on by him, and a cold chill brought on by the air, both fighting an oddly peaceful war, moving around inside of her. Her lips were also experiencing a new feeling, and it was taking over her. They were being smothered by lips of the same size, it was taking her and her breathe away, away to some other place. A place far better then Earth, where there were no problems at all, because there were no rivaling factions, there were no people that had to take over other peoples land to live after a misfortune, there was none of this because it was only her and him.

They made a strange, rather unique sound that slightly resembled a squish when he pulled away. It was a sound that they had both loathed, because it would often times become annoying and loud when they were trying to concentrate, and even more annoying was the fact that at the time in their mind, they were not making that noise. It could mildly be compared to having great dinner eaten in front of you while some small, undercooked morsel lie untouched on your plate. But now that they just made this sound, they both recalled the many pairs of lovers seen in their life, and they knew that they were just like them now.

She would have giggled had they not both been taken into another kiss. Now she moved her lips open and closed, slightly sucking on his. He caught her lower lip, and moved forward, embracing her and easing the lip between his, where he sucked on it, and sometimes let the tip of his tongue stroke across it. She loved it, her lip stayed there without quiver of the air; she let him take her because she knew that he wanted to pleasure her. Her tongue soon found its way to his upper lip, and she let it run across for a moment before pulling him closer, letting him take her lower lip deeper, at which point she started to suck on his upper lip. However, this did not last long.

He pulled away again, letting her lip drop back to her ownership. She gave him a fast peck, and his head fell down behind her.

“I love you,” he whispered to her.

She responded, “Of course you do, how could I ever forget?”

He let his lips close around her neck, and slowly sucked on it, sometimes daring his tongue to trace itself around her. The familiar feelings in her stomach returned. She couldn’t really take it for long before she lowered her head, and they locked lips again.

For a while, it was like the last kiss, but she pulled her lip out of him sooner, breathing deeply as it stretched out of his mouth. She slowly tilted her head in an attempt to rest, he kept mouthing her and she accepted it gracefully. She began to open and close her mouth too, and he had an unsuccessful attempt at pulling in her sideways lip. He pulled her deeper, and her mouth slowly closed when his tongue brushed against her lips. She wasn’t quite ready for that much tongue action. A beep sounded from her watch, which was issued every hour on the hour. Soon she let him take her sideways lip, it folded into his mouth, and he teased her with his tongue for awhile, then sucked on it, pulling it deep into him. She could feel it being pulled inside him, deep and warm. Her pleasure was so well kept until now, this combined with the air around her made her let go of sweet oxygen and take in deeper breaths. He knew she was getting cold, and moved his arms about her to try and warm her up. He was taking her breath away, and she wanted it because she knew that he wanted to please her. He started sucking harder at intervals, and she felt her lip tremble gently and seemingly pulsate because of this new technique. She moaned just a little. Soon he let go of her lip and they returned to the usual position, before long both mouths were open and unmoving. She breathed into him, and him into her. They felt the others air enter there lungs, warm. Now their air was able to warm the other from the inside. The only other material thing they felt was the long grass along their legs.

She let go of the kiss, and immediately felt the cruel taste of the cold air. They were both back to Earth, back into the clutches where they could be harmed. The girl looked at her watch.

“I think we better be leaving now… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I only hope that I can make it home without needing you again.”

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