Separate But Equal Lovers

February 26, 2010
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He touched the girl’s hair. She touched his lips with her lips. That kiss, their first kiss, meant so much because of the feud that their families were in. It was as if the whole world did not matter anymore. The only thing that mattered to him was her and to her the only thing that mattered was him. His name was Duke and her name was Daisy. They had only met once before at a bar on the south side of town. Since then, they hadn’t seen each other at all until now because their parents would not allow it. Of course they shared letters and phone calls, but no personal conversations. A month passed before both of them cracked. They couldn’t take the separation any more and they simply had to meet each other one more time. They both snuck out of their houses and came to the bar where they first met.
It is strange how the simple act of a person touching another person’s hair can mean so much. For them it meant a life of unity. It meant a life where their biggest problems would be pesky neighbors and their biggest decisions would be choosing which color flowers that they would bring home to each other. Both of them knew that they would be together forever. They made plans to run away to another country and live in peace. At first they thought Iceland, but then they thought that would be too cold. Then they thought of China, but that was too far away. Daisy mentioned the word sombrero and right away they both said MEXICO!

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