February 25, 2010
By Kristy_loves_Keats PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
Kristy_loves_Keats PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
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The snow tumbled onto my Face as Mathew threw the massive snow ball at me. My chuckle filled the park. We were the only two there because it was only 20 degrees were I lived and It was only 12 am. Mathew and I have been together science 8th grade know we are both seniors at Bilberry high school in western Ohio.

Ever science last year Mathew and I had been hanging out a lot more because he found out I have leukemia. They said I had only months to live but I’ve been holding on for almost a year now. We had meet in Algebra class and were glued to the hip science I beat him at a video game in the drama club our last year of middle school.

All his friends found out and I became the vidogamer of the teeny town of Bilberry. I feel down in the 5 inch snow and Mathew came running to my rescue. I popped up like a zombie as Mathew yelled, “Why can’t you be normal you know and not scare the crap out of me like that?! I thought I was guna have to call 911 to come out and save your a**!”

Tears flooded my face as I screamed back, “Well fine I guess I won’t have fun you jerk! You know I just try to make the best of this and if you can’t handle it then just scat!”

So he did. I walked home as I saw some cops pull up at my house, I ended up sprinting to get home. When I tried to enter they said I needed to stand back.

“This is my house?! What’s going on Officer...Berry?” he said I needed to go in and gather my stuff and go to someone’s house.

“Well who am I supposed to go to I have no friends and my boyfriend and I are in a fight?”

“Then you’ll just have to come with me miss…?”

“Fredrick…misses Jessie Fredrick…. I guess ill just go get my stuff and go to my boyfriend’s house he’ll understand. Thank you.”

I never found out what was up but, I got all my things into a suit case and was walking to Mathew’s house I rang the door bell and no one answered I figured they were just asleep so I opened the door to find Mathew with my sister Jennifer, lying on his couch sound asleep.

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