The little box

February 25, 2010
By astaciov612 BRONZE, Croton On Hudson, New York
astaciov612 BRONZE, Croton On Hudson, New York
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She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. She paused and then continued looking for her money. When she found her 5 dollar bill she pulled it out and gave it to the cashier at subways. She grabbed her sandwich and walked out of the store. She had a long walk home and no license or a car for that matter, she was always afraid of driving and was lucky her husband had a license…and a car.
It was sunny when she went in the store, but by the time she came out there were big grey clouds everywhere. She ignored the ugly and kept walking, she got to the top of the biggest hill on the journey home and it suddenly started pouring hard. She put her head down and sighed, she hated rain. She put her hands in her pockets to keep them warm and touched the box again. She smiled and thought back to the week before; her husband and she were broken down only 2 blocks from the house. She was freezing and the tow truck was going to be an hour, there were too many other accidents going on at the time. Her husband had suggested the idea of just walking home, since it was so close, she explained how she hated rain and refused. He looked her straight in the eyes and when she finally asked what, he just got out of the car and started dancing. She looked out the windshield and just stared at this man that she called her husband, the man who was standing in the middle of the street in pouring rain, just dancing. She did what any other sensible women would do; she got out of the car, and joined him. They danced there for 5 minutes before agreeing to race home. She won but was almost certain he let her win. They got hot chocolate and just snuggled up in front of their TV and fell asleep.
Having this thought made the rain seem not so bad, she looked back up, took her hands out of her pockets, and ran. She ran the 11 blocks it took to get to her house, the whole time she had the biggest smile on her face. She got to her driveway and started running faster; she jumped up the stairs, put her key in the door, and rushed in. The lights were off, and no one was home. She was out of breath and when she realized she was by her self, her smile was gone. She walked up the stairs and hopped in the shower.
10 minutes later she was out and getting ready. She put on a long black dress, and heels, her hair in a bun and her make-up. She went down stairs and waited, she waited until she heard the car pull up and the horn honk. She grabbed an umbrella, walked outside and jumped in the passenger seat, the whole time clutching the little box in her hand. They drove to a small but beautiful church; they walked inside and greeted everyone that was there. They took a seat and listened to the priest as he gave his speech, and when he was done he said that anyone who wanted to come up at this time may. She watched as one by one people walked up and said goodbye, she was the last one. She slowly got out of her seat and walked up; she got to the long mahogany box and opened the top. She looked inside the casket to see her husband laying there. Tears began to fill her eyes as she reached her arm out to touch the spot on his chest where he was shot. She pulled her arm back and raised the other, she open her hand to see the little box. She opened the box and looked at her husband’s wedding band; she had one just like it that he had originally engraved with “forever”. That day she went to a shop to have his engraved with “and always”, she took it out of the box and placed it on his finger. She started crying again and closed the casket. She turned around and walked back to her mother, of whom she had come there with. She watched as her husband’s best friends carried the casket away. She got back in the car and followed the limo to the cemetery. She cried as she watched them bury her husband, and she cried as she walked back to the car. When she got in she crossed her hands and looked down, she started twirling the ring on her finger, as she stopped her crying, and smiled.

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