Love Is What We Aim For.

February 23, 2010
I lay my bare feet upon his dirty dashboard; he smiles and turn on the AC to fill the truck with cool air, I smile and adjust the vent, pointing it north.
He turn the radio on, my favorite country station, I give him an appraising smile and he turns up the volume. Then by Brad Paisley fills my ears, I take in each word with deep consideration as I glance over, his eyes are fixed out of the windshield, his posture is not tense but his expression tells me something is running threw his mind.
I quietly wonder if its me.

He catches me staring at the corner of his eyes and gives me a smile of pure adoration; the light is restored in his blue eyes as he lets the wheel go with one hand and takes my own, I flush a crimson as we drive down the dirt road, we don’t speak, our presence being formed together is enough for all the words in the world.
Finally once the song ends, he turns the volume down and exhale deeply, I watch him with anticipation as he squeeze my hand.

“I’m glad we did this today, we needed to get away from everyone,” He pulled off to the side of the road and brought his full attention to my eyes, his smoldering blue ones putting my brown ones to shame. “You know, just be alone.” his tone was light, filled with freedom and the love that swirled between our souls.

“I know,” I respond while adjusting my blouse to conceal any unwanted cleavage “it’s nice to just have some time to be together, just to talk.”.
He smiles and gets out on his side, causally walking over and opening my door, I hesitantly get out, brushing the back of my jeans off and take his hand, his fingers intertwining with mine sending my heart on a rampage.
He pull me close, and gaze deep into my eyes.
My head begins to swim, I feel the world around us disappearing piece by piece, my insides feel incredibly warm and fuzzy, I find myself concentrating on his smile, his eyes, your nose, and the shape of his perfect, warm lips.

As if reading my mind he moves a hand to the nape of my neck, colliding his lips with my own, they molded together, synchronizing together in a dance ritual, this kiss is filled with passion beyond my wildest dreams. I feel his left hand leave my waist, it snakes to his back pocket and returns momentarily, soon his hand moves on of mine from your neck.

I feel something cold approach my hand, but he refuses to let me look, he continues to distract me with his passionate kisses until the cold slides around my finger, touching the bottom. When it does he slowly pulls away, kissing my lips one more time.

I look down and glance at the single golden band around my ring finger, three tiny white diamonds lined in a row, and beside them I see my and his initials.
“What is this?” I ask while my face flushes more and more by the minute, I pull my eyes away from the ring and gaze into his eyes.

“I told you, I want you to be my forever, I just couldn’t afford a ring.” he gently taps the gold band on my finger "I was finally able to get you one, to show you that i really do what to spend forever with you, that I Love You."

I feel a single tear cascade down my cheek as I wrap my arms around him. Knowing that we no longer like each other like we did in the beginning. Love Is What we Aim For.

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oncebittenrose96 said...
Mar. 15, 2010 at 6:13 am
awww. that was so cute.
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