The Dance

February 9, 2010
By Anonymous

As the song began, he grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the dance floor. He placed his arms around my waist, behind my back. My arms automatically went around his neck. I keep a safe distance, an arm's length away from him in case I get the sudden urge to kiss him. It wasn't until we started swaying to the music that I finally looked into his big brown eyes. Suddenly all thoughts, all worries, all feelings, escaped me. I was lost in the moment. My arms that had been tense with stress of the days' worries suddenly relaxed. I hardly ever relaxed, but I still hoped that he wouldn't notice this slight change. I thought I was safe, but,
"Are you okay?", he asked with a hint of concern in his voice.
"Yeah. Why?", I said praying he'd drop it.
"You seemed so tense before, but now.. Did you relax?"
"Maybe.. what's it matter to you?"
"It's like you never relax. What made this sudden change happen?"
"Nothing. Do you want me to be tense or something?"
"No, of course not. But tell me what happened."
"Nothing. Drop it. Please."
"No. Tell me. I won't leave you alone until I know."
"Then I guess you'll be around annoying, me for awhile."
"Please just tell me. You know you can trust me." he said smoothly while looking into my eyes. A hypnotizing chocolate brown they are, I felt myself give in.
"If I tell you, you can't laugh."
"Of course not. Never."
"And you have to finish this dance."
"Of course."
"You promise?"
"If I swear will that convince you that I'm telling the truth?"
"No, no swearing"
"Fine. I promise. Cross my heart and everything."
"O.K.. It was.. your eyes."
"My eyes?", he said while a small smile started forming.
"Yes, but no laughing!!"
"Sorry.", it disappeared, "But how could my eyes, out of everything in the world help you relax?"
"They showed me things that I would have never known."
"Oh really. Like what?"
"Well.. They showed me all the pain you endure. The verbal slaps you recieve from your parents. You worry about work and if you will have enough money to provide for the little things you need. You worry about the people in your family and your friends. You worry about what tomorrow will bring. That is, if tomorrow ever comes. These days it's hard to tell what's going to happen. You worry about school and what people think about you. You wonder if you wll ever find a girl that loves you as much as you love her. And.. you worry about.. me. You know that I have my own problems at home, you just don't know what they are or how bad they are. You want to tell me that you're there for me, but you know that I find it hard to let anyone in, so I probably wouldn't tell you. Why didn't you tell me that?"
"You saw all of that in my eyes?"
"And that helped you relax?"
"And you want to know why I didn't tell you?"
"Because I know you wouldn't tell me. I know that you wouldn't want to share your story. Not yet."
"Do you want to know?"
"Well yeah. I really do care about you and I worry about you sometimes. I want to be able to help you but I dont know how."
"I'll tell you my story.. Later."
"Fine. Now answer me this; how did that help you relax?"
"It made me realize something."
"Oh yeah? What would that be?"
"That I'm not alone."
"But you're never alone."
"For sixteen years, sixteen long, long years, I've been alone, and now I know I'm not anymore. I found you."
"And I promise you until the day I die you will never be alone again. I promise, I'm here."
"Thank you. That means a lot to me.", I whispered.
By that time, our song was long over and we realized that. So he pulled his arms away from my waist. I slowly pulled my arms from his neck. I thought as I did he would grab my hand and drag me with him everywhere. As my arms dropped, he turned on his heel, and left me with tear filled eyes, standing alone on a crowded dance floor.

The author's comments:
I had a dream of this. It was one of my best friends that was the guy. Weirdly enough at the next dance part of this did happen. He did promise he would be here forever, and he is.. just as a friend.. which I now realize is best. We both have someone else important to us, but we are always there for the other.

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