The Boy I Love

February 12, 2010
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What can i say i love him with all my heart it all started when i first meet in in class. He was the most beautiful person i have ever seen. Blushing when i saw him. He turned and looked straight at me i turn my head will fast so he does not see me i hold and book over my face so he does not notice im blushing. i found out his name which is michael and i fall in love with him. The next say comes and i decide to talk to him through notes and i tell him he is hot and that i like him and he said that i was hot to and then after a while me and him started going out. Was i in love with this boy with all my heart and soul i would do anything for him i would die for him i would call him everyday after school to may sure he was alright Then one day i go to the mall to see him well he runs into his friends and decides he is going to meet them somewhere so he leaves me and give me a kiss his lips so soft. I then call but he was not home later the next day i found out that he had got jumped and i was scared hoping he was ok i saw him and he did not look good i though it was all my fault because i let him leave but he told me it was not my fault but i felt bad for him. He then called me one day late at night and told me he was breaking up with me. I felt that my whole world would just die thats how much pain i was feeling inside like i wanted to die and nothing else in the world matters anymore he was my king and i was his queen.He told me why and it was because his parents told him to break up with me and i thought that his parents hated me and were messing up my life i kept telling him if you love me you will forget what they say and stay with me baby i love you please don't leave me but he said he has to. So on my life goes with me living in the dark and sadness. all because i lost the love of my life. He meant everything to me and his parents ruined it.

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